The Urban Ridesharing Revolution Has Arrived in Prague!

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POP! POP? POP! No, this is not a new music genre, pop refers to populare – people in Latin.

Uber aims to make it easier for people to ride around Prague and also increase the average occupancy of cars already on the road. Thanks to new technology developments, Uber enables users to share the costs of trips and travel around the city safely and comfortably at an affordable price.

We are proud to introduce a new ridesharing experience with uberPOP!

uberPOP is Uber’s low-cost alternative to the existing UberBLACK service in Prague. It is an affordable, fast and reliable way to get around the city of Prague. uberPOP is an on-demand ride-sharing service, where a nearby friendly driver is located just minutes away at the tap of a button. By sharing the costs of your mutual trip with other citizens, riders can get around the city at a fraction of the costs and drivers on the platform benefit from lightening the burden of car ownership. With a minimum fare of 20 CZK, including the possibility to split the fare with your friends, we strive to offer the most secure, efficient and accessible transportation solution to the largest audience possible.



Who are the drivers?

Drivers on the uberPOP platform are independent individuals aged 21 or older that we’ve personally vetted. All drivers have passed our requirements, including the necessary clean criminal background check. You might just get driven around Prague by one of your friends!


How are the fares calculated?

The price of a ride is calculated based on the kilometers driven and the duration of the ride: 4 CZK per minute and 10 CZk per km. The minimum fare for a ride is 40 CZK, which is also the cancellation fee, if you cancel after five minutes. You can find a full overview of Uber fares on


How can I order uberPOP?

Download the Uber app and select the uberPOP option. Once you’ve confirmed your location using our GPS maps, it just takes two taps to order the nearest driver. Using the app, you can see the driver arriving in real-time.


New to Uber?

Sign up in less than a minute and take your first ride on us* with the promo code SPOLUJIZDA (*maximum of 400 CZK).

Don’t hesitate to send us your questions and feedback via!

See you soon in an uberPOP!
Uber Prague Team