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Uber is here to connect anyone, anywhere with a safe, reliable, and affordable ride – while making it all as convenient as possible. That’s why we’re thrilled to launch uberENGLISH in Bogotá. We’ve heard from riders and driver-partners alike that they’d like the Uber experience to reflect the multilingual aspects of the multicultural communities in which we operate.

With the launch of uberENGLISH, residents and visitors in Bogotá can now choose to ride UBER or uberX with an English-speaking driver-partner.

Our goal is that with the introduction of uberENGLISH, riding with Uber becomes even easier for everyone.


UberENGLISH was created in partnership with Duolingo, the most popular and effective language learning platform in the world. Through this alliance:

  • Your driver partner took a 150-hour English course for free
  • Your driver partner received a Duolingo Certificate for free
  • Is ready to drive you around Bogotá in English!


  1. To unlock the ENGLISH option, open your app.
  2. Toggle over to uberX or Uber in the vehicle menu, select the ENGLISH option, and request.
  3. Experience your Uber ride with even more ease while speaking your language of choice.


About Duolingo

Duolingo is a free language education platform with over 100 million users that works as well as a college course but is fun like a game.

The Duolingo English Certificate allows anyone to certify their English level online for US$20 dollars and in only 20 minutes. It is accepted by prestigious institutions and officially recognized by the Colombian government.

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