Shanghai, Your uberX Is Arriving Now! 上海全新推出 uberX 优选轿车

去年八月,Uber 抵达第一座中国城市上海。从上海,深圳,广州,到北京,Uber 的这段旅程因为有你变得更加精彩。一直以来,我们竭力为更多人提供更安全,更可靠,更优质的乘车体验。

今天,我们很高兴宣布正式推出 uberX 优选轿车,在中国的四个城市(上海,北京,广州以及深圳)同时启动。uberX 希望以更平易近人的价格,秉承一贯的优质服务,为你提供更多选择!

在上海,我们常常奔走在忙碌的都市生活以及拥挤的交通中。我们倾听形形色色的用户需求:从 UberBlack 豪华之选,超大空间的 UberXL,到最新推出的 uberX,我们做出的每一个选择都是通过大量的用户反馈来实现的。我们设想 uberX 也将全力解决城市交通出行不便的烦恼,穿梭于跨江隧道,让更多用户拥有更多选择。

什么是 uberX 优选轿车?

除了大受好评的高级轿车 UberBlack 之外,我们精心挑选的中级车型 uberX,将以更亲民的价格提供同样优质的用车服务。以后去城市超市采购,或约上好友打篮球,你都可以选择 uberX 作为日常出行,享受舒适自如的生活方式! 非常幸运的是,畅销书《转折点》作者,80后创业青年许维是第一个在上海搭乘 uberX 的 Uber 用户,见证了 uberX 的首个精彩瞬间! IMG_9905


别忘记将你的专属邀请码推荐给好友加入,他们将首次乘坐 Uber 时将获得50元优惠,并且在完成首程之后,我们将在你的账户中存入50元奖励积分,谢谢你对 Uber 的支持 🙂


Last August, we brought UberBLACK to Shanghai, our very first city in China. Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Beijing launched soon after and we have received overwhelming support from you, our riders, across the country. We are dedicated to providing a quality, convenient and seamless transportation option for all and we are not about to stop. Uber has always been about providing users a choice. As you fire up your Uber app this morning, there will be a brand new option for all four Chinese cities. Introducing uberX! uberX china launch screenshot

What is uberX?

In addition to the same high-end UberBLACK service you know and love, now you can jet off in a mid-range sedan, with the same service you love from our Uber partners. All at a fraction of the cost. Headed to that City Shop for groceries or the basketball court for a game, let uberX take you there. Enjoy this oasis of calm and privacy on your daily commute, more often, more conveniently.

uberX 优选轿车 UberBLACK 高级轿车
Base fare 起步费 ¥15 ¥20
Per kilometer 每公里 ¥2.86 ¥4.12
Per minute 每分钟 ¥0.37 ¥0.8
Minimum fare 最低消费 ¥20 ¥30
PVG flat rate 浦东机场单程价 ¥258 ¥350
Sample vehicles 代表车型 VW Passets, Buick LaCrosse Audi A6, BMW 5-series

Here in Shanghai, life is busy and the commute is long, imagine sitting back in your uberX, removed from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind as you travel gracefully thru Yan’an Tunnel. From today, comfort and convenience need not come at a premium price.

Help us spread the word!

Spread the word using your invite code – your friends will get RMB50 off their first trip and you’ll get RMB50 for every referral who takes their first ride!   Love ∞, Uber Shanghai Team

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