#uberliondance on-Demand! Uber 四地联手 舞狮随叫随到拜新年

Mouth-watering food, streets lined with red lanterns, visiting friends and family, scoring fat hong-baos… are some of the many joys of Chinese New Year. This year, we’re adding onto this list, in our own Uber special way:


How it works:

  • Download the Uber app for iPhone or Android
  • Request the “Lion Dance” option via your app
  • If a troupe is available, you, your friends, colleagues and family will get your own personal lion dance within minutes!

CNY Lion Dance_Cropped (Eng)

Under the mask:

  • Lion dance troups will be on the road this Wednesday, 29th January.
  • Demand for lion dances may be high and availability limited. It may take a couple of tries to find an available troupe. Please be patient! We’ll be working all day to deliver as much new year joy as possible!
  • No cash required! The dances will be charged directly to your Uber account.

Each city is partnering with local dance troupe to offer some festive joy, as well as be delivering Uber Swag! Specific details on each city, as below:


RMB188, 9AM to 6PM
Each Lion Dance to last 20 minutes
Follow us LIVE on Weibo and WeChat @Uber_GZ

SGD$50, 9AM to 6PM
Each Lion Dance to last 20 minutes
Follow us LIVE on @Uber_Sing Twitter and Instagram

RMB188, 9AM to 6PM
Each Lion Dance to last 20 minutes
Follow us LIVE on Weibo and WeChat @Uber_SZ

RMB188, 9AM to 6PM
Each Lion Dance to last 20 minutes
Follow us LIVE on Weibo and WeChat @Uber_Shanghai

Join the #UberLionDance celebration by sharing your experience on Twitter, WeChat and Instagram as well!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Team Uber



欢度春节有多少种玩法?丰盛美味的佳肴,喜庆的大红灯笼,走亲访友的拜年传统,还是数不完的大红包?今年,我们以最 UBER 的创意概念,将更多精彩注入这个中国的传统佳节,锦上添花。

上海、深圳、广州、新加坡 四地联手



  • 在 iPhone 或安卓手机上下载 UBER app
  • 打开 UBER app,点选舞狮表演
  • 您的专属舞狮表演,即刻上路!与家人、朋友、同事一起分享精彩时刻!

 CNY Lion Dance - cropped (Chinese)


  • 仅于2014年1月29日周三,UBER 舞狮队在您的城市中随时待命
  • 舞狮队伍有限, 若出现供不应求的情况,不妨在 app 上反复尝试几次。我们一整天都会穿梭于街头小巷,尽最大努力带来更多新春欢乐!
  • 舞狮表演均不收取任何现金,而直接通过 UBER 账户支付

在这四个城市中,UBER 与本土舞狮队一同出动,并送上 UBER 限量版新春礼物喔!活动详情如下:


打开 UBER 舞狮即叫即到:188元人民币
当日活动实时追踪:微信好友 @Uber_GZ & 微博官方

打开 UBER 舞狮即叫即到:50元新加坡币
当日活动实时追踪:@Uber_SING Twitter & Instagram

打开 UBER 舞狮即叫即到:188元人民币
当日活动实时追踪:微信好友 @Uber_SZ & 微博官方

打开 UBER 舞狮即叫即到:188元人民币
当日活动实时追踪:微信好友 @Uber_Shanghai & 微博官方

赶快加入我们微信或微博上的话题小组,#UberLionDance 或 #Uber舞狮拜年# 来分享欢乐时光。


UBER 亚洲团队献上


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