Uber Officially Launches in Shenzhen! 优步正式进军中国深圳!

Three months ago, we rolled out Secret Ubers on the streets of Shenzhen, our second foray into China after we began testing our service in Shanghai. Why did we pick Shenzhen as our second pit stop? Innovation, a city of transplants, and a place with a work hard play hard attitude – all of these things define Shenzhen as a hub of possibility with a side of fun.

Shenzhen is a city of migrants – millions have moved here in the last 30 years in the hopes of finding opportunities that would propel their lives forward. In the process, they’ve built Shenzhen into a hub of innovation and economic possibility. From Tencent and Huawei in Nanshan to the electronics vendors in Huaqiangbei to the stock exchange in Futian, this city is redefining what it means to be “Made in China.” We’re proud to announce that Uber has officially arrived in Shenzhen, as the city’s newest transplant. And in the three months since we landed here, we’ve heard from so many of our riders about how Uber has changed the way they get around this city: Shenzhen launch2

  • Getting a ride home from work from Futian or Luohu isn’t a problem anymore around 5PM

  • Finding a reliable ride in Shekou and Nanshan has become so much easier

  • Getting home from a night out in Coco Park or date night at one of Shenzhen’s famed hot pot venues isn’t a pain anymore

  • Getting a ride from the Hong Kong border isn’t a hassle of waiting in lines

The response since our arrival from our many friends and supporters has been phenomenal, and we are honored to now be a permanent fixture in your city.

In conjunction with our launch in Shenzhen, we are excited to announce that we now have Alipay as a payment option in our mobile app and that Uber now has a Chinese name, 优步 (meaning “step forward”). For those with iOS phones, you will be able to register for Uber with your Alipay account details and pay for all rides through Alipay! We’ve done this to broaden and deepen our reach here in Shenzhen by localizing our product. With these changes, we are committed to celebrating Uber’s path forward in Shenzhen.

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  • 5点左右心急着从罗湖或福田回家?有Uber后,下班打车从个不是个问题

  • 在蛇口或南山寻找令人信赖的乘车体验显得轻而易举

  • 在Cocopark酒吧小酌或酒酣耳热的聚餐结束时,回家再也不叫痛苦

  • 从香港关出拖着大包小包的行李时返家,不用在的士站绵长不绝的队伍后苦等

席卷来潮的好评、迅速积累的用户、坚定不移的支持,让Uber很荣幸的,正式成为这个城市永久的一分子! 在永久移居深圳的同时,Uber本着融合本地文化的精神,公告我们的官方中文名称“优步”,宣誓了Uber对中国的喜爱与在本地发展的热忱。并且开通Uber应用中绑定支付宝的功能(目前仅限于iOS版本),只要是iOS系统的手机,都可以用支付宝来注册,Uber相信,正式营运只是一个起点,我们从每个小地方开始做起,将可以很好的跟随城市步伐,稳健的带我们用户走遍每一个角落。 Shenzhen launch4 请多多关注Uber深圳微博 @Uber_Shenzhen或微信 @Uber_SZ

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