Uber For Less: Lower Prices in Shanghai, Same Uber Experience 上海地区车费下调 更贴近大众市场

新年伊始,Uber 上海的成长速度令人惊喜连连!在过去的数月中,我们随着大家的节奏,一同探索并庆祝这座精彩纷呈的城市。于是,从今天起,我们决定将上海地区的车费整体下调,无限贴近大众市场需求!以更加亲民的价格,奉上最安全、最便捷、最具风尚的代步方式。还不赶快打开 APP 行动吗?

言归正传:Uber 在上海的整体费率下降近30%!最低车费减半至30元,单程来往浦东机场也仅需350元。

无处不在:拥有专属司机的梦想不再遥远。只是一杯咖啡拿铁的价格,现在每天都可以搭乘 Uber 上下班了。去外滩用个晚餐,也不用在寒冷的街头担心拦不到车。车费降价之后,您完全可以到哪里都乘坐 Uber!

惊喜升级:每推荐一位好友加入 Uber 即有100元奖励积分!现在起至1月20日分享 Uber 更有超值回馈,好友之间双方都获得100元优惠。比起过去50元的奖励机制,现在如果您的好友使用您的个人优惠序号注册 Uber,立刻首程减免100元,并且您也获得100元的 Uber 奖励积分,作为一份我们的小心意,今后您可以免费搭乘!

若您有任何关于 Uber 问题或建议,可以加微信好友 @Uber_Shanghai,以及登入 Uber 上海官方新浪微博 http://weibo.com/ubershanghai 给我们留言!


Uber Shanghai New Price Structure

祝您有一个愉快的 Uber 体验!


We wanted to add a pick-me-up to start 2014 on a cheerful note.

Cutting to the chase: Uber has lowered prices in Shanghai by 30%!  The minimum fare has been cut in half to just ¥30 and our PVG airport rate is ¥350.

Uber is about being everyone’s private driver, and that’s what this is about. For less than the price of a latte, you can now have an Audi A6 waiting for you when you get outside  to take you to work. Don’t worry about being stuck in the cold after dinner on the Bund, Uber will be there to get you home.  At these prices, you can really Uber Everywhere.

The cherry on top: for the next week, get ¥100 of credit for every friend you tell about Uber!  Sharing Uber has never been more rewarding. From now until Jan 20th, if your friends sign up with your personal promo code, they will now get ¥100 off their first ride instead of the ¥50 they usually get. For every rider who takes a trip on your code, we’ll drop ¥100 into your account as a thank you for spreading the love.

Questions, thoughts, stories to share?  Hit us up on WeChat at @Uber_Shanghai and on Weibo at http://weibo.com/ubershanghai. Talk soon and Uber on!


Uber Shanghai New Price Structure

Rosalie Wu

Shanghai Community Manager

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