Uber 带你亲身体验特斯拉 Experience Tesla via Uber

Next week, we​’re excited to​ offer you the opportunity to test drive the brand new Tesla Model S for free!

想要体验特斯拉有多复杂?利用 Uber 化繁为简的超能力,下周让你有机会亲身体验全新特斯拉!

Uber and Tesla are​ work​ing​ together to bring this unique driving experience to our Shanghai users exclusively. ​On Wednesday, June 18, you can ride ​the newest and coolest all-electric sedan directly from your Uber App!

Uber 此次与特斯拉联手,为上海用户带来此次专属的特斯拉试驾机会。6月18日周三,你有机会直接通过 Uber App 坐上最拉风最酷炫的特斯拉。

And it’s as simple as Uber: just as you would choose a luxury ​sedan or a spacious 7-seater, you can now choose the option of Tesla. The nearest Tesla to you will head over to deliver a completely free test drive, for a maximum of 15 minutes per person in order for the most Uber and Tesla fans to experience the innovation and excitement. There’s a chance you can be a lucky one and snag one of these bad boys.

与你平时使用 Uber 叫车一样简单,除了豪华轿车以及商务车以外,你还可以选择特斯拉来一场近距离接触!你所要做的仅仅是一键叫车,距离最近的特斯拉就有可能即刻抵达,直奔你的楼下,让你免费体验特斯拉试驾或试乘!我们想要更多喜爱 Uber 与特斯拉的朋友,有机会体验到这个令人心跳加速的创新,所以每个行程可使用特斯拉15分钟。


Can’t wait to order your Tesla on-demand? Check out details below!  我们知道你激动难耐的心情,赶快直击详情吧!

  • From 10AM-4PM on Wednesday, June 18  6月18日上午10点起至下午4点开放特斯拉体验
  • ​Only available within the inner ring of Shanghai city  仅限于上海市区内环之内
  • Jump for joy as you realize that your ride is going to be FREE!  尽情欢呼吧!特斯拉体验是完全免费的!
  • There will be a few super-secret Teslas on the system, so keep your fingers crossed and keep trying  特斯拉车辆有限,所以请耐心尝试几次
  • Seating capacity per ride: 3 people (hint: bring your friends!)  每个行程最多可载三人 (所以好友齐上吧!)
  • Please limit your trips to under 15 minutes because sharing is caring and everyone wants a FREE ride!  每个行程仅限体验特斯拉15分钟
  • You must bring your valid driver’s license to test drive the Tesla  若你想要试驾特斯拉,务必带上你的有效驾照以作记录
  • We expect this to be very popular, so order quickly to lock in your test drive!  我们预期当天一定会有大量的特斯拉需求,所以动作迅速哦!

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 11.28.33 AM

Tell your friends and spread the word! Don’t forget to throw in your personal promo code too 🙂

赶快告诉你的朋友吧! 别忘记将你的邀请码分享给周围的朋友,赢取更多奖励积分。分享至上,更多机会!


Love ∞,

Uber Shanghai Team

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