Secret Ubers arrive in Beijing!

We couldn’t hold out any longer: Secret Ubers are finally on the road in Beijing!

As the capital city of the Middle Kingdom, Beijing is the political, business, technology and cultural center of China, and also serves as the headquarters for the largest number of Fortune 500 companies in the world. More importantly, almost 30 million people call Beijing home, and Beijingers have made it clear: Beijing wants Uber.

This is an especially exciting time for us at Uber, where Beijing marks our 100th market in the world, just under 4 years after the very first Uber ride in San Francisco. We feel privileged for #Uber100 to be Beijing, a truly international city known for hustle and energy, pursuit of a better life, and most importantly, incredible opportunity that lies ahead – a fitting match for Uber. Now, Beijingers have the choice to ride comfortably and in style while navigating Beijing’s rings and hutongs, other Chinese cities like Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou, or when they travel abroad.

Kicking things off for us is Hugo Barra,  Head of International at Xiaomi, who recently moved to Beijing straight from Google’s Android team in Silicon Valley. Hugo knows that with all the action and energy in a city like Beijing, transportation should come easy.

As Hugo pulls out his phone and taps the screen, his trip is underway:


Across town, China’s leading technology blogger Keso also prepares to embark on his first-ever Uber ride on his way to a speaking event. Keso was trained as a calligrapher and poet, and has developed his reputation as an opinionated and incisive technology analyst. He feels that Uber’s focus on delivering the end-to-end user experience from simple app interface to 5-star driver service is a unique and powerful differentiator.


Can’t wait to try out Uber yourself? Just a couple steps:

  • Download the Uber App to your iPhone or Android device (Android Users please check out Wandoujia or 360 App Store for the latest app)

  • Register an account with your credit card or Alipay Account

  • Tap to confirm your request, and you’re on your way!

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 9.50.07 AM

Please note that in this testing phase, our service area will be focused on the CBD and Sanlitun, where availability of open cars will be highest and pick-up times will be shortest. Once we get it right, we will be expanding quickly to other areas as well. For information on vehicles and pricing, please visit our website.

Now Beijingers, tap that app and get your Uber on!

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