Time to Upgrade Your Smartphone 人气智能手机即刻抵达

The wait is over! October 17th is the day we have been waiting for – the highly anticipated smartphone will finally hit stores in China. We’ve all heard about how hard it is to get your hands on this phone due to high demand. Well, Uber has the perfect arrangement for you!

This Friday, from 10am-3pm, select “PHONE” on the slider bar, and we’ll send you an authorized specialist from whom you can purchase the phone on-demand!

How to request:

  1. Place the pin at your desired location and select the “PHONE” option.
  2. Uber will send an authorized specialist to your location so you can purchase the phone without any reservation.
  3. Upon arrival, you will proceed to purchasing the phone. Please bring cash or your bank card. We expect it to take approximately 10 minutes to complete the process.
  4. Once the registration is complete, the phone will be in your hands!

Screenshot iphone

Before requesting, please read these precautions carefully:

  1. This event is applicable for those who are already with or want to join WCDMA/GSM (Non-contract.)
  2. Smartphone model: the 16GB, 4.7” model in dark grey color. Other types, capacities and colors will not be available.
  3. You will be limited to purchasing one phone per request, meaning anyone else will not be eligible to purchase a phone.
  4. All registrations and transactions will be completed between you and the specialist.
  5. There will be a limited quantity of phones. We expect high demand and will end the service once out of stock.
  6. After you request on the “PHONE” option, an Uber staff will call you. Please note that if we are unable to get in touch with you, your request will be cancelled.
  7. ​This event is only available within the inner ring of Shanghai city

We hope you take advantage of this opportunity to become among the first few in Shanghai to get hold of this phone on the launch day.

Haven’t tried out Uber yet? Get it started at www.uber.com/go and enter the invite code “NEWPHONE” for ¥100 off your first ride in Shanghai and Hangzhou before 10/31.



本周五,上午10点至下午3点,你有机会直接通过Uber App,选择“PHONE”按钮选项,空闲的零售专员即刻为您上门完成手机递送服务。无需预定,告别排队,拥有这部人气超高的手机不再只是遐想!


  1. 10月17日10am-3pm之间,打开 Uber App 并滑动至“PHONE”选项。
  2. 若您附近有带有手机的空闲车辆,零售专员将即刻前往指定位置为您服务。
  3. 零售专员抵达之后,您可以直接现金或银行卡付款。通常情况下10分钟左右即可顺利完成。
  4. 无需预定,告别排队,轻轻松松将手机更新换代!

Screenshot iphone


  1. 参与该活动的手机支持 WCDMA/GSM 网络,无合约绑定。
  2. 参加活动的确认机型:黑灰色 4.7”屏(16GB),将不提供其他配置或颜色的手机。
  3. 每位订单用户仅能购买一部手机,同行将无法完成购置。
  4. 整个购买过程将完全由Uber用户与零售专员之间完成,Uber将接送零售专员到达指定地点。
  5. 此款手机数量有限,售完为止。
  6. 若您点选“PHONE”购置手机,我们会有Uber人员与您电话沟通。若无法及时联系到您,您的订单可能将被取消。
  7. 该活动仅限于上海市区内环之内

还没有试用过Uber吗?立即登入 www.uber.com/go 并输入特别邀请码“NEWPHONE”,则您的首次车程将自动减免100元。仅限于上海、杭州地区使用,至2014年10月31日有效。

***Uber上海微信平台 (@Uber上海)将有专门的工作人员在线,欢迎有兴趣的朋友私信我们询问更新情况!We will have dedicated staff on the WeChat platform (@Uber上海), please feel free to reach out anytime for any inquiries.


Love ∞,
Team Uber Shanghai

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