Go Green Week: 世界无车日与Uber一起低碳出行,本周半价uberX绿色行动


今天打开 Uber App 大家可以看到“GREEN”环保按钮,这样就通过Uber可以搭坐低碳节能的油电混合动力车来穿越城市。同时,Uber也希望鼓励大家节约资源,为上海这座魔都增添更多绿色气息!所以本周,只要您输入以下优惠码,即可享受一周uberX半价出行!


如何使用该优惠乘坐 uberX?

  1. 在您的智能手机上下载Uber手机端应用 (苹果,安卓, 黑莓 & Windows)
  2. 无需现金支付,与您的信用卡或者支付宝绑定,线上支付,轻松出行
  3. 设定上车位置,实时追踪您的车辆位置
  4. 本周uberX半价优惠!
    • 每一个单程高达50元优惠额度
    • 输入优惠码“GREENSH”,优惠将自动从您的车费中扣除
    • 从9月22日开始,到9月28日结束,一周所有uberX车程半价(仅限于上海地区)

若有任何问题或建议,可以发送信息至@Uber上海微信公众帐号。记得把这个好消息告诉好友,立即下载安装 Uber App 并输入优惠码,齐享半价uberX!


To support “World Car-Free Day” and celebrate going GREEN for the better, Uber Shanghai is pleased to bring you a one-day event “GREEN” by partnering with hybrid cars. Today, you’ll have an environmentally conscious vehicle choice via “GREEN” in the Uber app.

There’s more for you too. We want to give you a more personal understanding of efficient transportation models, so this week from 9/22-28, you can enjoy 50% off all your uberX rides in Shanghai by following these steps! (Easy peasy.)



  1. Download Uber on iOS, Android, BB or Windows phones
  2. No need for cash. Register your account with a valid credit card (Visa/MC/AMEX) or Alipay
  3. Drop the pin on a pick up location & track the car in real-time
  4. Enjoy half-priced uberX rides this week!
    • Up to ¥50 discount per ride
    • Enter the promo code “GREENSH”, which will automatically apply to your uberX rides this week!
    • Only available from 9/22-9/28 in Shanghai

Ping us on WeChat @Uber上海 if you have any questions or comments. Don’t forget to share this exciting news with your friends and have them sign up on the code too! Go green week.


Uber Team Shanghai

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