meet the team

Meet Troy: Community Support

If you want to talk music, technology, Game of Thrones, or anything else for that matter, Troy’s your guy. He’s the most approachable and sincere person you’ll come across, and he prides himself on his ability to make friends with everyone he meets. Troy is as good as it gets when it comes to customer experience, and we can’t be more excited to have him on the team! Read on to find out more about Troy.

Meet Amber: Community Support

When you meet someone as spunky and free spirited as Amber you know you have a genuine friend by your side. Amber’s infectious laugh and personality is one of a kind – there’s no wonder why she’s a part of our amazing Community Support team! From Amber’s point of view, Uber is a helping hand for the community, and she loves being a part of the movement. Read more about Amber here!