Huddle Up: We’re Kicking Madden Season Off One Day Early

Today we’re teaming up with EA Sports to deliver the new Madden NFL 16 for Xbox One to fans in Chicago – free of charge. Unlock the special “Madden NFL” option in the Uber app by using promo code MADDENCHI to get in the game.

Huddle Up: We’re Kicking Off Madden Season One Day Early

Now’s your chance to be the playmaker. We’re teaming up with EA SPORTS to kick off Madden Season a day early. Today, request “Madden NFL” to intercept a free copy of Madden NFL 16 for Xbox One for free – across all 32 NFL cities.

¡uberESPAÑOL ha llegado!

Español | English Uber está aquí para conectarte; en cualquier lugar y momento, de forma segura, confiable y accesible. Por eso estamos muy emocionados con el lanzamiento oficial de uberESPAÑOL en Chicago. Nuestros socios conductores y usuarios quieren que la app de Uber refleje el ambiente multicultural, bilingüe de estas comunidades y en Uber ¡escuchamos tus […]

uberESPAÑOL has Arrived!

 Español  | English Uber is here to connect anyone, anywhere with a safe, reliable and affordable ride – while making it all as convenient as possible. That’s why we are thrilled to officially launch uberESPAÑOL in Chicago. We have heard from riders and driver-partners alike that they’d like the Uber experience to reflect the aspects of the multicultural communities […]

Driving Extra Business to Uber Driver-Partners

To connect entrepreneurs who drive with Uber, we created the Partner Marketplace. The platform is for driver-partners, who run their own companies, to promote their businesses and provide discounts for fellow Uber partners.