Certify – More Business Travelers Are Using Uber

Today expense management company Certify released their Q1 report highlighting Uber’s greater affordability and growing popularity among business travelers. We did not participate in Certify’s research, but our own data confirms that more companies and employees are turning to Uber for their travel needs – in fact, if Uber for Business were a city, it would be our third fastest growing city of all time.  

Hundreds of new companies are joining the Uber for Business platform every week, and it’s paying off — literally. That’s because Uber for Business riders are choosing uberX more than 70% of the time – saving their company 30-40% on every trip.  In addition, with Uber for Business,  business administrators have access to new features that ensure compliance with travel policy.

We took a look at a few of our cities – Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. – to see how Uber measures up with taxi in terms of price and insurance.  For popular business trips from downtown to airports, Uber is about 40% less than the price of a taxi.

Here’s how it breaks down, city by city:



Los Angeles:

San Francisco:

Washington D.C.:

In addition, on every ride from door-to-door, employees are better covered on Uber than other options. All rides on the Uber platform are backed by our insurance policy, and Uber has consistently higher insurance coverage across big cities:


Click here to sign your business up for Uber for Business today, and  join thousands of other companies in choosing a safe, reliable and more affordable option for employees.

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