Celebrating the Parents Who Move Our Communities, In Every Way

Over the past few weeks as back-to-school season ramps up, Uber teams across the country hosted community events celebrating parents who drive with Uber, along with their families. In Miami, Los Angeles, the East Bay, and Indianapolis, drivers mingled with other parents and kids for an afternoon of fun and networking.

“As a stay-at-home mom, Uber changed my life instantly, you wouldn’t believe it! After just one week I realized, ‘Wow, this is it!’ I am able to drive when it’s most convenient for me and also be home to take care of my sons.” – Lois, uberX partner in Los Angeles

Whether they drive most days, a few hours a week, or only now and then, the unique flexibility parents have with Uber can be a game changer. For Binyamin, a former cab driver and driver-partner in Los Angeles, driving with Uber enables him to spend time with his eight kids, who all find pride in their father’s work. For Taymar, a single mother and partner in Miami, using the Uber platform has allowed her to see her kids off to school and pack lunches while maintaining a steady stream of earnings. And for Lakeyshema, a mom of three girls and a grandmother of one, the flexibility of the platform ensures that she can be there to support her chronically ill daughter and financially support her family.

“It was inspiring to meet these caretakers and role models driving their families and communities forward—and to hear why Uber works so well for them.”
– Rachel Johnson, Back-to-School Event Organizer, Uber Miami Marketing Manager