Celebrate Small Business Saturday with Uber!

Uber Proudly Supports Small Business Saturday

Every time you request a ride through Uber, you’re helping empower small business owners to achieve their own American Dream. Our partners—your drivers—are the engine behind Uber. This Saturday, November 30th, Uber and American Express want to thank you for supporting local entrepreneurs on Small Business Saturday®!


Spend $10 or more on Uber using your AMEX and earn a $10 AMEX statement credit. To participate, simply register your American Express card before riding. Register your card here.


We’re celebrating our partner drivers by sharing our favorite stories from around the country—from first-time entrepreneurs to seasoned driving professionals expanding their small businesses. Read them all below.

Simon from Atlanta Chris from Baltimore Evans from Boston Mostafa from Charlotte Cornel from Chicago Kirbel from Dallas Malak from Denver
Rico from Detroit Bill from Honolulu Rick from Indianapolis Murat from LA Paul from Minneapolis Lou from NYC Asher from Philadelphia
Amor from Phoenix Rachel from Providence Adrian from Sacramento Quinn from San Diego Ali from San Francisco Tesfaye from Seattle Rhonda from DC


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Simon from Atlanta
After growing up in Italy, living in Quebec, and building a business in Atlanta, Simon’s multilingual background makes it easy for him to connect with riders from all over the world. He says his partnership with Uber has been a “complete transformation” of his business, and he hopes to add more cars and drivers to his company’s roster soon.

Chris from Baltimore
After working in retail management for more than 10 years, Chris jumped into the limo industry. His customer service background helps him keep his riders happy—and if you’ve got a favorite type of music, Chris is always happy to play it for you—and his partnership with Uber has helped him substantially increase his income. With the growth of his business thanks to Uber he’s been able to add a second vehicle and driver to his business, and the flexible schedule gives Chris more time to spend with his wife and three kids.

Evans from Boston
Evans came home after being injured in the military and decided to start a small business using Uber. He loves being able to use Uber’s platform as a means of scaling his own business, and his well-run operations have grown rapidly in Boston. After his success in Beantown, he’s now expanding to Atlanta and internationally!

Mostafa from Charlotte
Soon after Uber launched in Charlotte, Mostafa began using the Uber app to grow his business. The flexibility Uber provides allows Mostafa to work on his own schedule, leaving more time for his passion for music. He plans to add more cars and drivers to the Uber platform in the coming months.

Cornel from Chicago
Looking for some excitement, Cornel left his job as a computer programmer to start his own limo company. Uber helped Cornel kickstart his business while letting him set his own hours. To date, his thriving business is 10 drivers strong and he’s participated in some Uber Chicago fun, like dressing as Secret Service agent as part of an “UBERcade” promotion last winter.

Kirbel from Dallas
Kirbel is one of our newest partner drivers in Dallas and he has already seen exponential growth in his business thanks to Uber. Not only has Uber helped connect him with new riders throughout the city, but it’s allowed him to cut down his own advertising budget. He’s hoping other Texas cities embrace Uber soon so he can continue to expand his business elsewhere in the Lone Star State.

Malak from Denver
A former microbiologist before immigrating to the U.S., Malak’s partnership with Uber has drastically grown his limo business and made a positive impact on his lifestyle. The flexibility of driving on the Uber platform allows him to pick up his children from school whenever he wants, and the additional income from the growth of his business has enabled him to begin planning a family vacation.

Rico from Detroit
Rico, who owned a landscaping business before partnering with Uber, has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Uber has allowed him to build a business of four drivers and have flexibility in his schedule. Rico particularly enjoys Uber’s rating system because it makes him want to be a better driver with each ride. He believes in the system and thinks Uber is second to none — so much so that he no longer promotes his private driving business, just Uber!

Bill from Honolulu
Bill, a longtime Honolulu resident and limo driver, was one of Uber’s first partners in the city and is a native Japanese speaker. He takes advantage of Uber’s flexibility to give tours of Hawaii on the side. In the first 90 days since Uber Honolulu’s launch, Bill has grown his business and gained the confidence to purchase a second vehicle.

Rick from Indianapolis
With over 23 years of industry experience, Rick has used Uber to catapult his business into the 21st century, allowing him to reach an entirely new generation of clients. By utilizing Uber in between his scheduled private pickups, Rick has increased the overall efficiency of his business and is looking forward to using Uber to continue expanding his reach in Indianapolis.

Murat from LA
German-born Murat came to the United States in 2000 and opened up his own chandelier store but struggled during the economic downturn. His friend told him about Uber and he downloaded the app, researched the company, and began pursuing a new American dream that involved owning his own Chevrolet Suburban and partnering with Uber. He has since started his own transportation business and is able to take care of his family back home in Germany.

Paul from Minneapolis
Having just started his own limousine company, Paul saw a need for better transportation for busy professionals in the Twin Cities. Uber helped connect those dots and he saw his business pick up with access to a growing user base. In less than a year, Paul has doubled his fleet, adding more drivers to his company who pride themselves on consistent and professional service. Plus, when you ride with Paul, you can treat yourself to a selection of classic American novels he keeps for passengers in the backseat.

Lou from NYC
When he’s not cruising on his ‘97 Honda motorcycle, Lou is a professional driver in Manhattan and is growing his business with Uber. Lou loves using the Uber technology platform and being his own boss. There’s no limit to how hard he can work to make every ride special, and he has built his business by creating memorable experiences for every rider. Lou loves interacting with his passengers and meeting interesting people every day he uses Uber.

Asher from Philadelphia
Asher left his role as an Executive Operations Manager at Walgreens to partner with Uber in Philadelphia. The risk of branching out on his own has paid off as he continues to grow his business and purchase new cars after only five short months. He’s thrilled with the flexibility of the partnership and loves the fact that he’s creating new jobs for others.

Amor from Phoenix
Amor obtained a bachelor’s degree in computer science but recently decided to break into the transportation business. He started with one car in April 2012 in Central Scottsdale and with Uber’s help, he now has six cars on the road covering the entire Phoenix East Valley. Expansion into Seattle and Chicago are now on the horizon!

Rachel from Providence
Rachel, a longtime taxi driver, used Uber to expand her existing airport transportation services. She’s seen so much more business utilizing Uber’s technology platform that her weekends are now jam-packed with interesting client pick-ups. She loves the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life in Providence, all while setting her own hours and doing what she loves.

Adrian from Sacramento
After working as a branch manager at a rental car agency, Adrian broke into the limo industry, driving for a couple of different companies with the goal of making enough money to buy his own black car. Once he bought his car, Adrian signed up to be an Uber partner. After six months he was able to pay off his first car, put a down-payment on a 2014 Lincoln MKT, and hired two drivers to work for him. Adrian is planning to add another 2014 MKT in March and have his wife drive his personal vehicle on the uberX platform.

Quinn from San Diego
After discovering Uber as a rider on New Year’s Eve, Quinn decided to set up his own company and partner with Uber to build a new small business. With Uber he’s now growing his limo business exponentially month over month and he’s thrilled to use the income and savings from his new business to one day open a unique taco shop in Coronado.

Ali from San Francisco
After moving to the United States from Turkey a decade ago, Ali started his own limo business in the Bay Area. Through his partnership with Uber, he’s been able to add 25 cars to his fleet in the last 11 months. And he’s not stopping there—Ali is now expanding his business to include a parking garage and a gas station!

Tesfaye from Seattle
One of the first partner drivers in Seattle, Tesfaye was able to open his own restaurant on Capitol Hill with the income he earned from partnering with Uber. He now manages the restaurant, but uses the flexibility Uber offers to continue moving people around the Emerald City.

Rhonda from DC
Rhonda was one of our first DC partners and she’s always telling it like it is. Uber has transformed her business’s downtime into earnings, increasing productivity for both her and her husband Gilbert, who is also an Uber partner. Rhonda’s family enjoys riding in Ubers too. She and Gilbert have taken a ride on date nights and her son took an Uber to his high school prom. Rhonda loves Uber DC and she is thrilled that the company has recently launched in her hometown of Jacksonville, Florida.


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