Driver Jobs

In honor of Veterans Day tomorrow, we are proud to announce that Uber will work with the White House and Joining Forces to help make life a little easier for veterans experiencing homelessness. Over the coming year, Uber will contribute an estimated 10,000 rides — a value of $125,000 — across five veterans organizations affiliated with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Homeless Veterans’ Reintegration Program to provide on-demand transportation to jobs, interviews, and other employment events. Riders and drivers will also have an opportunity to participate in this meaningful effort.

Health Made Easier

Today, we are excited to announce that Stride Health’s coverage recommendation engine is now easily accessible to drivers nationwide directly through the Uber Partner App. It’s now more seamless than ever to shop for and compare plans, find out which plans cover a driver’s doctors and are the most cost-effective for a driver’s unique profile. […]

A Few Facts About the O’Connor Court Case

Today, the Court declined to certify this very broad class of people, instead opting for a much smaller group — so small in fact that it even excludes one of the original plaintiffs. While this is just one step in legal proceedings that may well play out over several years, we wanted to share some details about today’s ruling.

The Top 10 Facts You May Not Know About Uber Driver Partners

Driver-partners are using the Uber platform in many different ways, from earning a full-time income to supplementing their salaries at other jobs. Drivers have complete flexibility and control over their use of the Uber app, so they can make money on their own time to meet their own unique goals. Check out the top 10 facts you may not know about Uber driver-partners.

A New Kind Of Mobility

Uber driver-partners Bob, Luigi, and Gabriel have all been able to overcome the adversity faced by people with disabilities in the job marketplace. Instead of being limited by what makes them unique, all three are redefining mobility — for themselves and their communities.

Uber Hosts Student Veterans of America for Two-Day Leadership Summit at San Francisco Headquarters

Dozens of veteran and active military leaders from Student Veterans of America (SVA) gathered at Uber HQ in San Francisco this past weekend for a two-day summit on leadership, technology and bridging the military-civilian divide.