Uber for Business Case Study: Back to the Roots

After a successful fundraising campaign on Kickstarter, things really started to pick up for Alejandro Velez and Nikhil Arora – the founders of Back to the Roots – a company that sells “ready to grow” and “ready to eat” products.

Running a fast-growing business with a small team isn’t easy and relying on Alejandro’s car as the main way to to get employees to critical meetings or make essential deliveries was no longer cutting it. As one of the ‘Top 25 Most Creative Consumer & Retail Brands’ they knew they needed a solution that could keep up with their growing company in real time without breaking the bank.

IMG_8194 (4)

Co-Founders Alejandro and Nikhil and their popular Mushroom Kits

Last December, the Back to the Roots team officially made the switch and adopted Uber for Business as their go-to transportation solution for all their business-related travel needs. We caught up with co-founder Alejandro to find out more:

How did this move to Uber for Business come about? 

We were running the risk of being late to several meetings, we don’t own any company vehicles, and public transportation was way too unreliable. We were wasting a lot of time scheduling around each other for a shared car, and if we ever were late for a meeting, that wouldn’t exactly be great for business. Back to the Roots needed a solution that was almost automatic.

What’s the biggest change that you have seen? 

Time is a finite resource. Uber for Business makes sure that we don’t waste a single second and gets us face-to-face with everyone that makes Back to the Roots a success. By having an on-demand quick and easy ride at a moment’s notice, we were actually starting to arrive early for our meetings! No more missing the BART by ten seconds and then waiting ten minutes for the next train!

Can you give us an example of when Uber helped drive your business forward?

The little things make a huge difference to a company the size of ours. I remember when we were in the midst of launching a brand new product and it turned out that we were missing a key ingredient for an important sample — with a shipping deadline just minutes away. We got an Uber and were on our way in less than 5 minutes, purchased the ingredient and made it back in time to ship the sample out. Even though it was just a ten minute errand, we wouldn’t have made the deadline without Uber and could have potentially missed out on an important deal.

What’s one of your favorite Uber for Business account features? 

Time really is money, and this is a huge time saver over other options. Not to mention having all expenses tracked under our single Uber for Business account saves us from having to fill out our own individual expense reports. And of course with the easy policy controls, we can offer a safe ride home for our hard working employees at the end of a long day. We are nothing without them!

IMG_2238 (1)

In an Uber on our way to the Anaheim Food Expo with our newest product and samples.

Thanks to the ease of use and time-saving features – Uber for Business is the perfect solution for this growing small business and has improved their business operations greatly. We are proud to provide Back to the Roots and thousands of other companies an efficient, reliable and affordable option for their business needs.

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