Cancelations: No One Likes Being Stood Up

You wouldn’t just not show up for the babysitter, the plumber or your accountant after asking them to meet you. So after requesting an Uber, be sure not to leave your driver curbside checking his breath and wondering where it all went wrong.

Overall, you’ve been fantastic with the drivers, showing them tons of love and patience, along with fantastic feedback. However, we just want to clarify the request process: As soon as you request a driver, he is redirecting his car toward your location, making a commitment to picking you up.


Here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts on the Client side:

Do: Cancel your request immediately if, when receiving your driver’s estimated arrival time, you’re not willing to wait that long.

Do: Feel free to call your driver after the request has been made with questions on timing, location, or other details. They’re happy to keep you in the loop on their arrival time.

Do: Contact us at if you have further questions or something went wrong in your trip requests so we can improve the experience for you.

Don’t: Wait until after your driver has arrived to cancel your request. You’ll be charged a $10 request fee because the driver just spent 5-15 minutes/gas $ driving across town.

Do: Rate your driver whatever you feel he deserves after a trip. He won’t ever know what you rated him, so be honest.

Don’t: No show on your driver as it will affect your rating and cost you $10.

Cancel with Care

We understand that life is busy and you’re probably always on the run. That’s why Uber works so well for you. It’s there when you want it! But bottom line is, in order for us to guarantee the system isn’t abused and our drivers are paid properly for their efforts, we charge $10 to clients who cancel or don’t show after the driver has arrived. This isn’t meant to hurry you and we do understand miscommunications can and sometimes do happen and you will only be charged in instances when the driver kept his side of the transaction while the client didn’t keep theirs. We have very tight monitoring in place to understand which side bailed.

Uber rides require some “Uberness” from both the client and riders. We’re commited to making sure to work with quality drivers and do our best to keep your rides as smooth as possible. Please help to do the same for the drivers! Uber has the potential to really change the way transportation occurs and is utilized; we just need people on all ends to help make it happen!