Toronto Restaurants Support Uber

Dear Toronto City Council,

We, the undersigned, as members of Toronto’s restaurant industry, are writing you to tell you about the positive impact Uber and ridesharing are having in Toronto for our customers and business.

It’s well known that, with uberX, residents of Toronto get to use their vehicles–an asset that sits around most of the time unused–to make extra cash. The truth is that our kitchens are just like vehicles, and are often underutilized.

With UberEATS, we are using our expensive fixed assets much more efficiently. As a result, not only are we more sustainable, but we’re putting more Torontonians to work with many of us adding shifts and staff.  Even our suppliers are realizing the benefits, seeing a growth in orders from us.

UberEATS only launched its new app a few short months ago, but we are already seeing a future where it will be easier for restaurants to extend their reach, employ more people, and stay afloat. It’s becoming an increasingly important part of the restaurant and small business community.

We do want to note that we value the service that taxis and ridesharing provide to our patrons, helping them safely get to and from our bricks and mortar operations. We see room for both industries to continue to coexist.

That said, recognizing that UberEATS is dependent on a robust ridesharing industry, we are calling on city council to support regulations that allow for this innovation to continue to thrive.  

Please support ML&S framework for smart ridesharing regulations on May 3.

Signed by:

      Kawa Sushi, Ward 27
      Trattoria Nervosa, Ward 27
      IL FORNELLO (King St), Ward 20
      Torsh Fine Persian Food, Ward 19
      Little Anthony’s, Ward 28
      Hakka Wow, Ward 32
      Frank’s Pizza House, Ward 17
      Sud Forno, Ward 21
      Bloom Restaurant, Ward 13
      Kinton Ramen (Church), Ward 27
      Hawker Bar, Ward 19
      Casa Barcelona, Ward 5
      The Kathi Roll Express, Ward 27
      The Kathi Roll Express, Ward 27
      Tinto Bar de Tapas, Ward 26
      BQM Burger (Roncesvalles), Ward 14
      The Jerk Joint, Ward 20
      Thai Elephant, Ward 19
      Grand Electric, Ward 14
      Glory Hole Doughnuts, Ward 14
      John & Sons Oyster House, Ward 28
      Maker Pizza, Ward 20
      the Goods, Ward 19
      Kamasutra Indian Restaurant, Ward 22
      Uncle Smoke BBQ, Ward 19
      Maroli, Ward 20
      IL FORNELLO (Bayview), Ward 24
      Cravings Asian Cuisine, Ward 25
      Flock Rotisserie + Greens, Ward 20
      Kanpai Snack Bar, Ward 28
      Modo Mio Bistro, Ward 16
      Fat Bastard Burrito (Bloor), Ward 13
      The County General, Ward 19
      Sukhothai (Parliament), Ward 28
      The Office Pub, Ward 20
      The Pie Commission, Ward 19
      El Caballito, Ward 20
      Frida Restaurant and Bar, Ward 21
      Hibiscus Cafe, Ward 20
      Mean Bao (Leslieville), Ward 30
      Mean Bao (Leslieville), Ward 30
      Kanga, Ward 20
      Sukhothai (Dundas West), Ward 18
      Jaipur Grille, Ward 22
      Station Cold Brew Coffee, Ward 18
      Pukka, Ward 21
      Patois, Ward 19
      Carlaw Bistro, Ward 30
      BQM Burger (Riverside), Ward 30
      Pho King Fabulous!, Ward 25
      Ovest, Ward 19
      Let’s Be Frank, Ward 20
      Junked Food Co., Ward 19
      Fusaro’s Italian Kitchen, Ward 28
      Otto’s Berlin Doner, Ward 20
      Sang’s Great Seafood, Ward 20
      Electric Mud BBQ, Ward 14
      Sawasdee Thai Cuisine, Ward 27
      180 Secondi, Ward 22
      Doug McNish’s Public Kitchen, Ward 15
      La Cubana (Ossington), Ward 19
      Harvest Kitchen, Ward 20
      California Sandwiches (Yonge), Ward 27
      Thai Room, Ward 32
      Evolution Food Co., Ward 28
      Bairrada Churrasqueira, Ward 18
      Kinton Ramen (Bloor), Ward 20
      Daily Press Juicery, Ward 20
      The Original Gyro Grill, Ward 20
      Apiecalypse Now! Pizza & Snack Bar, Ward 19
      Mean Bao (Bathurst), Ward 20
      Fresh on Eglinton, Ward 22
      Bar Fancy, Ward 19
      Urban Herbivore (Kensington), Ward 20
      Come and Get It, Ward 19
      RAP’S, Ward 15
      Rio 40 Restaurant, Ward 17
      Magic Oven (Jefferson), Ward 14
      Gusto 101, Ward 20
      IL FORNELLO (Danforth), Ward 29
      Cora Pizza, Ward 22
      Bacon Nation, Ward 20
      Fresh on Crawford, Ward 19
      Crepes A GoGo, Ward 27
      Mean Bao (The Grange), Ward 20
      Bobbie Sue’s Mac + Cheese, Ward 19
      Fresh on Bloor, Ward 20
      The P&L Burger, Ward 20
      Bestellen, Ward 18
      Farmhouse Tavern, Ward 18
      Bolt Fresh Bar, Ward 18
      259 Host, Ward 20
      California Sandwiches (Dufferin), Ward 15
      Pantry Foods (Dufferin), Ward 15
      Kathmandu Indian Restaurant, Ward 27
      Foodbenders, Ward 18
      Levetto, Ward 18
      The Host Fine Indian Cuisine, Ward 20
      Brock Sandwich, Ward 18
      Bindia Indian Bistro, Ward 28
      7 West Cafe, Ward 27
      Chef of India, Ward 22
      CEDAR Juice, Ward 18
      L’Avenue Bistro, Ward 22
      Cafe Neon, Ward 18
      Concession Road, Ward 21
      A3 NAPOLI PIZZERIA, Ward 21
      Windup Caribbean Restaurant, Ward 20
      The Rosedale Diner, Ward 27
      Murgatroid, Ward 28
      Sukhothai (Wellington), Ward 28
      Flock on Harbord, Ward 20
      Playa Cabana Hacienda, Ward 20


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