Happy Mother’s Day to all Uber moms!

On this maternal celebration day, we asked Vincent and his mother Marise–both driver-partners in Montreal–to share their Uber story.

The Women Who Move Toronto

The incredible women who move Toronto came together to celebrate International Women’s Day. Female driver-partners met, mingled, and shared personal stories with their peers. We were honoured to hear why these women choose to partner with us and how the flexibility of the platform helps them support and spend time with their families.

Celebrating The Women Who Move Ottawa

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we hosted an event to give thanks to the incredible women who move the city of Ottawa every day. Female driver-partners had the opportunity to meet, mingle, and share their experiences with peers.

Committed to solutions for ridesharing in Alberta

In the past weeks, thousands of riders and hundreds of driver-partners have come forward to express their support for ridesharing and tell their stories. We’re sharing some of those stories here in appreciation for all who have voiced their support for innovation and ridesharing.

Behind the Wheel with Uber Calgary Drivers

As we work to bring Uber back to Calgary, we have been continuously overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and dedication from our driver-partners. Here are some of their stories.