How to Enjoy La Saint-Jean’s Long Weekend

Summer is here and you now have 3 full days to fill up on Vitamin D! To celebrate the long weekend of La Fête Nationale, our Uber Quebec Team has put together these ideas of things to do

Muskoka On-Demand

This summer, we’ve brought Muskokans UberBOATs to get around the lakes and Grand Electric On-Demand to deliver tacos, beer and swag dockside, but we realized one thing was missing: making sure that ALL Torontonians could have a taste of Muskoka! So starting this Friday, we’re completing the Muskoka trifecta with Muskoka On-Demand: an all-inclusive, roundtrip […]

Le Weekend Du Grand Prix

LE GRAND PRIX EST ICI POUR LANCER L’ÉTÉ À MONTRÉAL! Tous se baladeront sur la rue Crescent ou sur St-Laurent pour prendre part aux soirées les plus animées de l’année ou tout simplement pour jeter un coup d’oeil aux nombreuses voitures exotiques. Nous savons tous que les terrasses seront bondées et que vos verres seront […]

Grand Prix Weekend in Montreal

THE GRAND PRIX WEEKEND IS HERE TO KICK OFF THE SUMMER Everyone takes a stroll on Crescent Street or on The Main to join the biggest parties of the year or simply to have a peek at the latest exotic cars. We all know the terraces will be packed and your glasses empty, so we’re here to get you home safe! […]

Come On And Take A Free Ride!

There is such thing a thing as a FREE ride. Heck, the Edgar Winter Group even made a song about one. Uber is feeling the summer love, so we want to hook you up with a FREE ride this weekend in Toronto. All you need to do to get yours is ride this week between today at noon and […]