Uber Canada

Une communauté fondée sur le respect mutuel

Traitez les autres comme vous aimeriez être traité. C’est une vérité universelle que l’on apprend dès l’enfance, et c’est un principe auquel la communauté Uber accorde beaucoup d’importance. Que vous soyez un passager désirant se rendre du point A au point B, ou un chauffeur souhaitant gagner de l’argent, chacun devrait profiter pleinement de sa course. C’est pourquoi nous publions aujourd’hui les Lignes de conduite de la communauté Uber au Canada. Elles expliquent le type de comportement auquel nous nous attendons de la part des passagers et des chauffeurs Uber.

De petits changements qui, nous espérons, iront loin

Alors que nous grandissons, plusieurs partenaires-chauffeurs ont exprimé leur préoccupation quant au fait que certains éléments de notre politique de soutien jouent contre eux et semblent favoriser les intérêts des passagers. Nous avons compris qu’un meilleur équilibre doit être atteint lorsque vient le temps de demander à tous ceux qui utilisent Uber, y compris les passagers, de répondre de leurs actes.

A Community of Mutual Respect

Treat people as you would like to be treated yourself. It’s a universal truth we were all taught from a young age. And something that’s important here in the Uber community. Whether you’re a rider wanting to get from A to B or a driver looking to earn money—everyone should enjoy the ride. That’s why we’re updating our Community Guidelines today in Canada. They now explain the kind of behaviour we expect from both riders and drivers when using Uber.

Little Changes that We Hope Go a Long Way

As we’ve gotten bigger, many driver-partners have expressed concern that some of our support policies are stacked against them and seem to put riders’ interests above theirs. We’ve heard that more balance is needed when it comes to holding all who use Uber, including riders, accountable.

Meet Montrealer Olya: former Olympian fencer and occasional Uber partner-driver

As all eyes are turned to Rio, we met with Olya Ovtchinnikova, former Canadian fencer, occasional Uber partner-driver and avid rider from Montreal.

Ride to help Fort McMurray

To help those affected by the Fort McMurray wildfires, we’ll donate $1 for rides taken in Canada on May 6 to the Canadian Red Cross.

Muskoka, your uberX is arriving for the weekend!

This weekend only, we’re bringing the safety and convenience of Uber to cottage country. Just when you thought Muskoka couldn’t get any more perfect. The first uberX cars will hit the road on Friday at 7pm, and will be available until Sunday at 5pm.

Behind The App – Meet Your Uber Toronto Team.

Uber’s technology is revolutionizing the way people move around this city, and there’s a dedicated Canadian team behind the app that help make this a reality each and every day. We joined Uber because we’re passionate about making our city better.