Canada—Your Big Break is Arriving Now with UberPITCH

Calling all Canadian entrepreneurs, visionaries and self-starters–your big break is arriving now. On April 7, from 11am to 3pm, UberPITCH is coming to 7 cities across Canada.

Ten Facts you may not know about Uber driver-partners

If you wonder what an Uber driver-partner looks like, we can guarantee that there is no “typical” driver on the platform: from Gisele, a retired mental health care provider who now drives with Uber to earn an extra income – to Josh, a DJ who drives on Uber in order to stay connected to the city.

Behind the app: Meet the Montreal Team

Uber’s technology is revolutionizing the way people move around this city, and there’s a dedicated Montreal team behind the app that helps make this a reality each and every day. We joined Uber because we’re passionate about making our city better. We work nearly around the clock to make it happen, and to make it happen quickly. We know things aren’t perfect, but we’re learning and growing to support hundreds of thousands of riders, and more than few thousands drivers across the province.

Given that we’ve called Montreal home for almost 2 years, we thought it was about time we introduced ourselves and showed you the team behind the app. We also wanted to say THANK YOU for your continued support in this beautiful city we call home.

Introducing the Uber API

At Uber, our mission is to bring transportation as reliable as running water to everyone, everywhere: just tap a button, and your car arrives in minutes. While simple on the surface, the seamlessness of the Uber experience belies the enormous complexity that powers it. But now that we have this fundamental capability in place—a capability we like to think of as converting bits to atoms—in over 40 countries around the world, there are so many things we would love to build on top of it. We’ll never conceive of every great idea, though, and we could certainly never build them all.

Enter the Uber API.