Driver-Partner Appreciation Event

Driver-partners do incredible things for the city of Toronto–day in and day out. That’s why on June 25, we hosted over a thousand dedicated driver-partners and their families at our biggest appreciation event yet.

Behind the Wheel with Uber Calgary Drivers

As we work to bring Uber back to Calgary, we have been continuously overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and dedication from our driver-partners. Here are some of their stories.

Uber Edmonton Partner Appreciation Breakfast

Driver-partners are the heart of our business, and we wouldn’t be able to operate without their hard work and care. As a small token of appreciation, on Thursday November 12th, we hosted a Partner Appreciation Breakfast. Over 30 driver-partners joined us for breakfast, an informal Q&A, and of course a few laughs! Thanks to all […]

uberX is now cheaper than ever in Montreal!

With the temperature decreasing, we’re lowering prices in Montreal by 10% so you can enjoy safe and reliable rides at our best prices to date.
Yes, your favorite destinations around Montreal now 10% cheaper, which makes uberX on average 50% cheaper than taxis!

Uber Canada Valentine’s Day

This past Valentine’s Day, we showed some of our driver partners a little extra love in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and Edmonton.

Uber – We’re here for Drivers

“My taxi company will take away my taxi if I partner with you guys” is a comment we regularly hear at Uber Toronto HQ. With threats like this, it’s unsurprising that drivers across Toronto are scared. Scared of losing their source of income, livelihood and financial security. This is just one tactic that big taxi brokerages are employing to limit the financial success of drivers.

What makes us Uber

Riders in Toronto are singing the praises of Uber. “Awesome!!! Clean car and great music.” and “Amazing service as always! Thanks again Uber for the amazing experience!” are just a few examples of feedback our team receives every day.