Ten Facts you may not know about Uber driver-partners

If you wonder what an Uber driver-partner looks like, we can guarantee that there is no “typical” driver on the platform: from Gisele, a retired mental health care provider who now drives with Uber to earn an extra income – to Josh, a DJ who drives on Uber in order to stay connected to the city.

A new way to explore the Uber app for our deaf or hard-of-hearing partners

We’re always working to make the Uber experience as hassle-free as possible for our riders and driver-partners. That’s why on March 11th we officially launched an app update designed specifically for deaf and hard-of-hearing partners.

We wanted to gather few of our top deaf and hard-of hearing partners to discuss their experience on their platform and see what can be done to improved within the app. While the changes themselves are small, we’re confident of the significant impact they can have for drivers and their riders.

Get Driving in Edmonton!

Feel like making some extra cash on YOUR terms in Edmonton? uberX is an option for drivers 21 years and older to use their own personal four-door vehicle (2005 or newer) to pick up riders who use the Uber app.

Your Drivers. Our Partners.

You’ve likely become accustomed to the ease of tapping a button and getting a ride here in Toronto, but there’s a lot that goes into to each and every request. At the very heart of Uber is our incredible driver partners.