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Did Toronto City Council Hear You?

Will City Council allow Uber to stay in Toronto? It all comes down to tomorrow’s vote. Make sure your voice is heard.

Vote for a Better Ottawa

On April 13, Ottawa City Council will vote to regulate ridesharing. We need your help to demonstrate what Ottawa can achieve with smart, progressive regulations for ridesharing, and what’s at stake if Council gets this wrong.

Setting the record straight for our Calgary supporters

We are disappointed that City Council passed regulations that will not see Uber return to Calgary at this time. That said, we will continue to evaluate our options and monitor the Calgary market for opportunities to engage in thoughtful dialogue. We want to set the record straight so you know what we have done throughout this process and highlight why smart rules matter and the implications of bad regulations.

Response to Calgary City Council’s proposed ridesharing bylaw

Calgary, like the rest of Alberta, is going through a difficult economic period. At the time of the injunction, Uber was connecting 1,800 Calgarians with flexible earning opportunities. If the city were to support progressive regulations that ensure safety, it could immediately facilitate thousands of income opportunities at a time when many Calgarians are most in need.

Putting Riders and Drivers First

Today, local Uber riders and driver partners are rallying at City Hall to support ridesharing and the many benefits it brings to Toronto. They are among the hundreds of thousands of Torontonians who love and rely on Uber, but are concerned the City of Toronto will take it away from them.