BC ridesharing statement

Today’s announcement is a step forward by the provincial government and we’re encouraging all parties in British Columbia to commit to bringing forward progressive regulations that embrace ridesharing in 2017.

The provincial government should say YES to ridesharing in 2016

This future is well within reach. That is why, on behalf of riders and drivers who want choice, we are asking the province to take action this spring to welcome ridesharing to BC.

It’s time for ridesharing in BC

People in over 400 cities around the world are benefiting from ridesharing. Unfortunately, British Columbians are not. Contact the Premier to bring ridesharing to BC today.

BC, you’ve moved us.

In the recent months, we’ve been humbled by the overwhelming support shown by British Columbians for Uber and ridesharing. Here’s some of the support British Columbians shared with your provincial government about bringing ridesharing and Uber to the province:

STATEMENT: It’s time for provincial leadership on ridesharing

Vancouver City Council has clearly stated that they’d like to see the provincial government show leadership on ridesharing – 84% of Lower Mainland residents have expressed their hope that Minister Stone and Premier Clark will work to provide more transportation options for British Columbians by collaborating on ridesharing rules and we are ready to quickly work with them to make this happen.

Working together to bring Uber to BC!

The Uber Canada team has been working with your provincial and municipal officials to find a regulatory solution that embraces ridesharing in British Columbia.  And while this process has been slow at times, the level of interest we’ve seen across the province has been nothing short of incredible! Over the past month alone, over twenty-five […]

Uber’s Response to City of Vancouver Report

We are encouraged by the findings of the staff report and are committed to meeting with provincial officials and City staff on its 1-3 month timeframe to bring a plan to elected officials on how to quickly enable ridesharing in British Columbia.