Ottawa’s Restaurant and Bar Industry Supports Uber

Dear Ottawa City Council,

We the undersigned, as members of Ottawa’s restaurant and bar industry, have seen the positive impact of Uber and ridesharing in Ottawa for our businesses. Yes, public transit and taxi are absolutely an important part of the equation, but ridesharing plays a crucial role too.

By providing a reliable ride at the push of a button—no matter the time or place—Uber is empowering Ottawans to make better, safer choices. From Seattle, where impaired driving related arrests have decreased by more than 10% since Uber’s launch, to Ottawa where 50% of weekend Uber rides begin or end in the downtown core, greater transportation choices are helping people get to and from an evening out.

Safe, but also more affordable and reliable, Uber is encouraging Ottawans to get out more often to establishments downtown and further away, be it a hip new restaurant on Elgin Street or a beer before the hockey game in Kanata. This is having an important economic impact on our businesses.

UberEATS, which delivers food from favourite local restaurants in Toronto, has meant extra earnings and choice for Toronto uberX driver partners who deliver these meals and has enabled restaurants to expand their reach, allowing them to grow their business and create more jobs.

It is important that Ottawa City Council sets the right regulatory framework for uberX and ridesharing, so as to facilitate the possible entry of UberEATS to the local market in the future, and to ensure that Uber remains a choice for Ottawans dining and drinking at our establishments.


Chris Schlesak, Co-owner, North & Navy
Adam Vettorel, Co-owner, North & Navy
Noah Firestone, Owner of LUXE, and Stella
Summer Barid, Owner, Hintonburg Public House
Matt Carmichael, Owner of El Camino, Datsun, and Riviera
Ian Aimers, Owner of ZaZaZa Pizza, Pomerey House, Fraser Cafe, and Wilf & Adz’s
Charles Part, Chef/Owner, Les Fougères
Kate Klavenic, Owner, Whalesbone (4 locations)
Jennifer Warren Part, Owner, Les Fougères
Nader Salibe, Owner, Common Project
Jordan O’Leary, Owner, Morning Owl (6 locations)
Stephanie Mathieson, Owner, Artisan bakery
Brady Kinnel, Exec Chef, JOEY Lansdowne
Craig Douglas, General Manager, Riviera
Andrew Rastapkevicius, Wine Representative, Lifford Wine & Spirits Inc.
Robin Duetta, Restaurant consultant, Shepherds of Good Hope
Tanya Aramouni, GM, Fratelli (3 locations) and Roberto Pizzeria
Calie Garvey, Bar manager, Union 613
Randy Hogg, Manager, Bridgehead Coffee
Jennifer Baguss, Consultant, Restaurants
Cory Ethier, Accountant, Restaurants
Sophie Beaudoin, Owner, Models International Management
Mickaela Kealey, Brewery Rep, Beau’s Brewery

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