On The Road To UberZEN with… Heath Pearce!

This whole month we are celebrating health, fitness and well-being with our #UberZEN promotion

As true Montrealers, we follow closely what the Montreal Impact is up to.

Our loyal Uberetto Heath Pearce is giving us an inside story of his early career, his health habits and what is up to when he is not on the field!

Give us the Reader’s Digest version of what you do 


Where are you from? I am originally from Modesto, CA. Most people focus on the Latter part of where I am from. CALIFORNIA. I am not from the California that most people know. I am from the central valley of California which is the agriculture capital. It is a farm/dairy/ranch town that has a low income city center. It is difficult to explain that to people who see mostly pictures of perfect weather and beaches. We have cold winters and extremely hot summers.

How did you get your career start? I was playing college soccer and as the season drew near I started emailing everyone that I could find in the soccer world. I wrote emails to 50 plus agents hoping one would take an interest in helping me. Most ignored me or said they weren’t interested. I was responded to by a golf agent in Scotland who said he could get me an opportunity to try out with teams or at least train with them to show what I have. Being a broke college student, I needed money.

I started working back home as the city’s water safety mascot. I wore a giant FROG suit and went to the elementary schools in the 40 degree heat to do the ” song and dance” of “splasher. After doing this for month as well as washing window’s and laying flooring in new homes my parents said they would match whatever I made to help me on my journey. I left to Europe with 600 dollars a roundtrip ticket and a suitcase full of dreams.

I first arrived in Scotland without a clue in the world as to what might happen to me. I trained with a few lower division teams for a couple days until i realized that the guy helping me had no contacts nor a real desire to help me. He somehow got in touch with an agent in Denmark who said he knew of a club who needed someone of my position.I went there and trained for 5 days. I played incredibly well and the club was considering giving me a contract. The next day we played a scrimmage and the owner came to take a look himself. He wasn’t happy with what he saw and the offer they gave me was not worth leaving a full scholarship for.

They asked me to stay longer and train but school was starting and I wasn’t willing to risk my education for the numbers they were offering. 
3 months in to my next college season the team was struggling and that is when they club reached out and made an offer that I couldn’t refuse. My dream had come true and I joined the team in January at their mid season training camp.

What does your typical day look like ? As exciting as the media can make an athletes out to be, my typical work day consists of eating well, training and most of free time is spent off my feet recovering. Staying off my feet has forced me to learn new hobbies like ukulele, dj’ing and reading.

Where can we typically find you on your day off? I live in the old port so I spend some days just wandering around trying to learn about  the history and culture of Montreal.

How does your exercise routine look likeMy next phase off exercise and training will be offseason. This consists of more weight/ strength training than cardio. It helps build a good muscular and injury preventative base heading in to the next preseason.

What do you indulge on? My newest indulgence is dark chocolate covered pistachios. Healthy and delicious.

What’s your secret to stay healthy and fit even when you are travelling? I travel with an array of healthy snack bars from Gomacro and can’t live without my aquahydrate water. These are essential parts of my lifestyle.

What songs or artists are currently on your playlist? There is actually a Folk radio segment on ckut radio 90.3 that I’ve been obsessed with lately. I think it may be university radio but I love can’t get enough of it.

What are your 3 go-to places in Montreal ? So my 3 things on the list are – Joverse for a restaurant/lounge. Nuns island for golf/nature and Strom Spa. and Apartment 200 for relaxed atmosphere, drinks and old school arcade games (Bubble Hockey,Pool, NBA jam)

What’s the most common Uber trip you take?  I prefer Uber when I am going to meet friends for a late dinner or drinks. I’ve seen too many bad things happen when driving and alcohol is involved. Also nice to arrive in style and never worry about parking!

What’s the best experience you ever had with Uber? My friends and I ubered around the Hamptons and Montauk for an entire weekend. Hopping from 1 bar or restaurant to the next. We had an amazing driver who seem to know all the right music for his clients.

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