Meet Nadia and Amira: Mother and Daughter, Both Uber Driver-Partners

Have you ever wondered who the friendly-face in your driver’s seat is outside of the car? Meet mother and daughter, Nadia and Amira. Nadia is a famous singer in Egypt, while Amira is a student with a passion for languages and horseback riding.

Tell us about yourselves.

Amira: I am currently studying at Ahuntsic college and I will start University this fall to complete a baccalaureate in translation. I love languages, and one day I would like to start my own company for tutoring and translation. For me, it’s a way to help others break the language barrier.

I love sports and  train regularly. I play soccer and I’ve been horseback riding since I was a little girl. I love animals, we also have two dogs at home.

Nadia: I’m Moroccan and have been living in Quebec for 28 years. I have two beautiful children that I raised by myself; my daughter Amira is 22 and my son is 19 years old. I’m a famous singer in the Arab world and have even released three albums. I visit my country often and own land there, where I hope to have two horses on one day.

I made my career as a merchant, owning 6 women’s clothing stores in Montreal. In 2007, I sold everything to take care of my husband who was ill and my family. I’m a very spiritual woman and believe I was put on earth to help others. I do a lot of meditation and also train at the gym. I love to read and write, and one day I want to publish my autobiography.

Why did you decide to partner with Uber?

Amira: Uber’s mission to counteract solo cars speaks to me since I’m a very ecological person. The technological advancement of this app really interested me, first as a rider and now as a partner. I also needed a flexible job while studying.

Nadia: For the freedom and so I could help young people to get around town. Also, as Moroccans, we need a lot of sun so Uber allows us to travel whenever we want.


How did you hear about Uber?

Amira: I was using the service with friends, as a rider. Then my mother became a driver-partner last November and referred me to drive as well!

Nadia: A friend of mine, and female uberX partner too, mentioned Uber to me last fall.

When do you drive?

Amira: Since I have no class on Thursday, I drive all day. I also go online on Friday and Saturday evenings, and Sunday during the day. At times, my mom and I have actually crossed paths while driving. We wave hello and it makes us laugh!

Nadia: I drive mostly during daytime but occasionally until the wee hours of morning, such as last Valentine’s Day when it was very busy.

Why do you enjoy driving with Uber?

Amira: I love the freedom and independence of being my own boss. I’m a jack-of-all-trades, who doesn’t like routine, so this flexibility allows me to stay versatile.

Driving is a pleasure for me, especially since my brother taught me how to drive manually. People who hop in my vehicle are friendly, we have great conversations that always teach me something.

Nadia: Since I sold my shops, I miss the customer contact. With Uber, I get this social interaction again, as I often am the confidante of the riders that get in my car. I love to see my customers happy, I feel useful to others.


What would you say to other females who are interested in driving with Uber?

Amira: “Go ahead and do it, ladies!” Be bold and claim your place as a strong and independent woman. Driving with Uber as a woman is a symbol of progress and innovation that promotes equality.

Don’t be afraid. The app tracks all trip information and there is no handling of money. The riders are really great (I’m one, myself!) and  want to see more female drivers. I invite you to, just like me, break the stereotype of “woman driver”.

Nadia: It’s truly worth it. For moms, as a second job, or just to help move your community, I highly recommend driving with Uber. It’s completely safe and you know who will be riding with you even before the trip begins.

Want to join Nadia and Amira, and our community of female driver-partners? Sign up to drive here.

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