Montreal UberLOVE

For over a year, you, like tens of thousands of Montrealers, have turned to Uber for a safe, reliable and affordable ride. You’ve made a habit of using this transportation alternative to respond to your everyday needs. And so many of you have shared kind words that we thought it would be a great time to give you the floor. Thanks for all the #uberLOVE!

Caithrin R. / MTL Rider

“I’m the founder of a software business here in MTL- and unsurprisingly, am a serious Uber user. I realized that I had left my bag, containing my laptop, iPad, passport, company chequebook and a myriad of other irreplaceable items in the back of an Uber.

In blind panic, I sent messages, emails and tweets to anyone at Uber I could find, only to get a response less than 5 minutes later with precise instructions on how to contact Mohamed, my driver. He had, by pure chance, taken the last hour off to watch the African Cup finals in soccer, and had my bag safely stowed in the backseat.  He quickly came to meet me, dropped off the goods, and got a big high-five from me.  It was a terrifying moment that ended in massive relief and gratitude.”

Léa B.


 “uberX is an indispensable tool every Montrealer should use. 

Not only does uberX offer an impeccable customer service, but the combination of modern technologies and the sharing economy is a must for a place which claims to be a “smartcity”. Since the arrival of this visionary startup in Montreal, my use of this alternative has more than doubled compared to my usage of traditional taxis. 

I go from point A to B in no time with no worry. The driver who passed a rigorous background check process is happy to have me as a passenger – in a clean car- at a minimal cost. A bottle of water with that? Hell yes!”

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 3.39.18 PM


“Last November, a friend of mine from Los Angeles stopped by Montreal for a few days. The day before his departure, he forgot his cellphone in an uberX. Despite the heavy traffic, the driver came back as soon as we called him to bring back the phone. This would have been impossible with any other service than Uber.”

Eve M. / MTL rider


“uberX represents all that I am looking for when it comes to a ride : a clean car well maintained, a pleasant driver – who will chat with you when you feel the need, or will leave you quiet if that’s what you’re in the mood for, will pay attention to details (offering water, gums, and magazines) along with a great price.  In a nutshell it’s the future… I wish there were more uberX on the road! “


Blair / MTL Rider


“I love uberX. The reason why I think this service is so awesome is how it approaches its clientele with respect, courtesy and gratitude.

Stepping into an uberX car is always a delightfully pleasant experience. Drivers smile and welcome you into their vehicle and because they already know the destination, there’s no confusion. Also, I never carry cash so knowing that payment is handled without fuss is a plus. It’s about time we have a transportation service that values the client. “


These voices all echo #MTLneedsUBER! To pledge your support to keep Uber in Montreal sign here!


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