Free Taxi Week!


*******************************************         FREE UBER TAXI WEEK IS OVER      ************************

Unfortunately, it’s true. As of 3pm EST today, FREE UBER TAXI WEEK has come to a close. Please note that any trip that ENDS or STARTS after 3pm EDT today will be charged at full fare. For Uber TAXI trips, the rate is the regular city metered fare, plus an automated 20% gratuity that we add on. For Black Car and SUV rates, please see our listing here.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. That said, from the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank you for making FREE UBER TAXI WEEK the most fun week of serving riders that any of us have had the pleasure of being a part of. While there was the occasional bump along the way, the vast majority of you have expressed your sincere gratitude through emailsocial media, and recommendations to friends.

If you know of anyone who missed out, and wants to try Uber this weekend, please send them this New Uber User’s only code: FTWLATECOMER and they will get $10 in credit towards a TAXI or Black Car ride. Instructions on how to use a promo code for both iPhone/Android and BlackBerry users can be found at the bottom of this email.

We look forward to retaining your business as a loyal Uber user. Please continue to ride and stick with us as we grow our Toronto business.

Sending you Uber L-O-V-E,

The Uber Toronto Team – Andrew, Jeff and Lucas

Promo code entry on iPhone/Android: Simply open the Uber app, tap the ‘User Icon’ button in the top lefthand corner of the screen, scroll to ‘Promotion Code’ and punch in your code *before you order your Uber*

Promo code entry on BlackBerry: Simply go to, sign into your account, click ‘Promotions’ and punch in the code *before you order your Uber*


*******************************************          UPDATE      ***************************************************

We’ve seen how much everyone LOVES *FREE UBER TAXI WEEK* so we are extending this promotion until this Friday, September 28th at 3pm.

Important for iPhone/Android users: Remember the Uber app defaults to the Black car option *so always tap TAXI on the picker before you order*. If your request is unfulfilled, make sure you tap TAXI again!

Important for BlackBerry users: You must order via our mobile site (no www.)
*you cannot SMS/TEXT for a TAXI pickup*


Tired of standing in the rain or waiting for a crowded TTC Streetcar? Fed up with having to stop at a bank machine, or run up to your apartment, just to pay your cabbie with cash? Or, THE WORST, getting upstreamed when you are desperately trying to flag a taxi on a busy night! Well then, Uber has an amazing solution for you — fire open your Uber app, and enjoy three days of FREE Uber TAXIs in Toronto!

Beginning Monday, September 24th at 6am and continuing through Wednesday, September 26 at 11:59pm, all Toronto Uber TAXI rides requested through the Uber app will be FREE! Simply tap the TAXI button at the top of the screen, watch your TAXI arrive in the app, then hop out for FREE at your destination!

A few important things to keep in mind:

  • FREE TAXI Week is for local Uber TAXI rides only, so the first $20 of your trip will be FREE (automatically – no code necessary).
  • This promotion does not apply to Uber Black cars or SUV. It’s just for Uber TAXIs. An Uber TAXI can be a Royal, Beck, Co-op or Ambassador cab! 
  • BlackBerry users must request via (no www.) as you *can not request a TAXI via SMS*
  • If your first request for a TAXI goes unfulfilled, make sure you tap the TAXI button on the picker before ordering again!
  • While Uber has hundreds of TAXIs on the system, the drivers do have other business too, so be patient if your first request isn’t fulfilled. TAXIs will be opening up every few minutes, so keep checking the app.
  • Monday through Wednesday night, all Uber TAXI rides are FREE up to $20. All other days, the metered fare + 20% gratuity will be charged to your credit card on file.
  • FREE  Uber TAXI rides require an Uber account and use of Uber’s iPhone/Android app, or can be ordered through the mobile browser on your BlackBerry or other smart phones at (no www.)
  • Note: Your driver will still input the cost of the trip into the app (and run the meter), but YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED unless your trip is over $20. Refer to your emailed receipt to see the discount!

Q: How do I request a free Uber TAXI?
A: Download the Uber iPhone/Android app. Sign-up for an account (in the app or at Select the TAXI button in the top of the app, set your pick-up location and press Request. That’s it!

Q: What does it cost, outside of Free TAXI Week?
A: TAXI from Uber costs the same as a Toronto city cab. Your driver will enter the metered fare and then Uber will automatically add a 20% gratuity for the driver. You’ll receive an emailed receipt showing the breakdown.

Q: Who is driving me?
A: A licensed city of Toronto cab driver. Uber is just one more way they find riders and increase their business.

Q: Why are you doing this?
A: At Uber – we’re about creating one-of-a-kind experiences for our riders. This isn’t a bartender buying a round of drinks for his customers – this is the bar owner putting down his credit card and opening up a tab for everyone who strolls into the joint. Enjoy Toronto!

For more information on TAXI from Uber:
For more information on Uber in Toronto:


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