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It’s been two weeks since Uber has had to temporarily suspend operations in Edmonton. Ever since the provincial government announced it may take until July 1st to approve a new ridesharing insurance product and other measures on licensing, we’ve been working hard to advocate for smart solutions that can bring back earning opportunities to thousands of Edmonton driver-partners and more affordable and reliable transportation to all Albertans.

Our commitment to our riders and drivers is unwavering, and we will continue to share the facts on the benefits ridesharing can bring to cities across the province.  In the past weeks, thousands of riders and hundreds of driver-partners have come forward to express their support for ridesharing and tell their stories. We’re sharing some of those stories here in appreciation for all who have voiced their support for innovation and ridesharing:

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Due to the downturn in Alberta’s economy, my job cut my hours. I was looking for a way supplement my income. Uber seemed [like] the perfect solution as I was able to work around my job’s hours and could make enough to meet our needs. With Uber being shut down, my kids will not be able to participate in sports this spring and summer. We have budgeted and downsized a lot, but in light of recent events, it will be a struggle to make it. — Mauricio

I had only recently decided to drive with Uber as a way to earn extra income. The economy is impacting many of the lives of those around me and I wanted to be able to help them out, and this was a perfect opportunity. It was such a seamless process to become a driver and I have had an overwhelming positive response from riders as to why they believed in using Uber as their preferred method of transportation. I am a young female driver and have had comments from single female riders stating that they loved the security of knowing who was coming to pick them up and knowing that each driver has provided a background check. I can sympathize and feel the same way coming from the perspective of the driver. I love being of service to others in any capacity and if I can provide security to those that need to get from one place to another while financially providing to those in my life through the income I earn while being a driver, it felt like a win-win. And now, all of that has been taken away. — Alena

I started with Uber about a year ago. Initially it was going to be a super part time, when I [had] nothing else to do. I am a husband and father to 3 kids, my wife was working nearly full time as a server when I started. I worked full time already, but my wife’s income was very helpful in balancing things every month. In April my wife nearly died in a freak accident, and although she will make nearly a full recovery, her recovery is long, painful and slow. Needless to say, Uber became a much bigger part of my life after her accident, and went from supplemental fun money to an integral part of keeping the “ship from sinking”. On top of that, the downturn has affected my full time job as well, as my full time job is in sales, and that is slower too. The suspension of Uber has put a lot of uncertainty in our short term and medium term finances, and I ask that the powers that be reinstate Uber. — Anthony

I’m an active senior who has been retired for about 10 years and needed to supplement my pension income as it no longer covers my living costs due to inflation and stock market downturns. I love the fact that I can pick the hours that I drive and also I am comfortable with knowing that my riders will not be strangers picked up off the street as the rides are with prearranged customers. All [of] my riders have expressed how much they love the Uber experience and this has made sharing rides with them so much fun that it does not feel like a job. I get to meet lots of different people and it gets me out of the house for a few hours every day, and the extra income makes a huge improvement to my financial situation. With the recent suspension of service I am back to square one and worrying about not being able to pay my bills. As a senior it is quite difficult to find suitable part time employment especially in the current economic situation with many younger people facing job losses. — William

To all of our Edmonton riders and  drivers, thank you. Your voices make all the difference as we continue to work with the provincial government to bring ridesharing back to Edmonton.

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