Upfront fares: No math, no surprises

No math, and no surprises. Today we’re excited to introduce upfront fares to both Calgary and Edmonton!

Isn’t it time to take some WOWcations?

On May 5, from 11am to 3pm, allow yourself to dream about Geysers, Northern Lights and breathtaking landscapes. Request UberWOW and we’ll bring you Iceland on a platter! Once aboard your UberWOW SUV, you’ll be treated to an immersive Virtual Reality experience, some of our favourite Icelandic imports and a pair of plane tickets (for 2) to incredible Iceland, for real! Now’s your chance!

Did Toronto City Council Hear You?

Will City Council allow Uber to stay in Toronto? It all comes down to tomorrow’s vote. Make sure your voice is heard.

Secret Ubers Hit the Streets of Halifax…and They’re Free!

UberBLACK cars take to the streets of Halifax, our third city in Canada and rides are FREE until July 2nd!