Can a Toronto Taxi be Uber? We think so. Let us prove it to you.

Headline grab your attention? Probably. I’m glad it did, because we’ve got something very exciting happening today in Toronto.  Starting TODAY, Uber Toronto will have TAXI as a new option in the Uber app. Put another way, Uber Torontonians are getting their cake and eating it too!  This is a BIG addition, let me explain a bit…

Convenience.  Efficiency. Innovation. Quality.  Those are some of the things you know and love about Uber.  But what about Choice?  What about being Cost Effective?  Those are the values we’ve always been dedicated to bringing to the Uber experience.  Our motto is EVERYONE’s Private Driver…

Now Toronto is the second city we’ve given TAXI a shot – Chicago being the first.  Clients at all price points are delighted with the service.

This is for folks who want to use Uber every day, twice a day, not just on date night. Take a taxi to work, a towncar to dinner and an SUV to the Leafs game. Ultimately, this is about CHOICE for you. Just as you can walk to your favourite coffee house on Queen West and choose between a fancy latte or a straight black coffee, you can now choose how you Uber. But make no mistake – it will still be Uber. Fast. Efficient. High quality. With unparalleled levels of rider support

TAXI is an experiment that we’re rolling out from the Uber Garage – our workshop of sorts where we tinker with new ideas for urban transportation.  Are you adventurous enough to give TAXI a shot?  Below are a few facts and pics from the Garage to help you decide.

– TAXI will be available to Toronto users starting today, Tuesday, September 4th.
– Drivers will input the meter fare into the driver application.  A 20% charge to cover gratuity and service fees will be automatically added to the fare.
– TAXI is an interesting experiment for Uber Toronto riders, but Uber’s high quality Black car service option will remain the default in the Uber application.

We look forward to having you along for the ride. Don’t hesitate to contact us at with any questions!

Uber Toronto GM

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