A Ladies of Uber Lunch for Mother’s Day

As we committed to create 1 million jobs for women all around the world by 2020, but also to celebrate Mother’s Day, the Uber Montreal team invited a few female partner-drivers to share their experiences with Uber during an intimate lunch!

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Some drive full time, others part time, but all of them agree that they love being an Uber partner. Why? They love the freedom, the social aspect of the job (they have wonderful conversations with their riders), and of course, the additional income.

Among the women invited, there were entrepreneurs, housewives, business women and students. Although they are from different countries all over the globe, they all share several personality traits: They feel good about themselves, they are confident, happy and they love people!

During the meal, we got to know each other and we shared a few anecdotes, some funny, others touching:

Eva et Sophie

Eva and Sophie


This young law student is passionate about cooking but also, cars. She just bought a new BMW, which combined with her excellent rating, allows her to be an uberSELECT partner. Sophie’s friend actually recommended she drive for Uber after seeing her brand new ride!


A mother of three boys, it was her son who lives in Chicago who told her about Uber. Originally from Mexico, Eva is also a personal trainer and has ran several marathons to date.




A mother and grandmother, Francine is pre-retired and decided to fully enjoy life: She does what she wants, when she wants, which includes driving with Uber! For her, being an Uber partner is synonymous with freedom and fun. She sees no downsides, she finds that it is simple, safe and beneficial from a financial perspective.

“Now, I only do things I love!”




This new Colombian mom is studying English and French full time. She loves trekking and running, and also ran the Montreal marathon last year.

Audrey et Fedeline

Audrey and Fedeline


Audrey is a very busy woman, who divides her time between her masters, catering for banquets and receptions, and of course driving with Uber. Playful and full of ideas, she has been partner for a month and a half now!


This young dynamic Haitian woman is fearless and passionate about Uber. Fedeline organizes her whole work schedule around Uber to make sure she is online when it is the most profitable, and has been known to drive into the early morning.

“I feel safe behind the wheel. I am the one driving and I’m the one who is totally in control!”




Born in China, raised in Vietnam and now living in Montreal for 22 years, Brigitte is calm and constantly smiling. This self-employed woman enjoys driving with Uber instead of staying home, as she enjoys meeting friendly Montrealers.

Interested in registering to be an Uber Partner too? Here are some tips that these women have for you:

  • Be cheerful and smile
  • Be social and patient
  • Stay open minded
  • Show self-assurance and be comfortable in your skin!

To become an Uber partner, click here!

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