Ridesharing Regulations Should Encourage Accessible Transportation

With over one million trips per day across the world, Uber driver-partners provide service to all types of riders, including those with disabilities.

The Weeknd ‘Beauty Behind the Madness’ Experience

Tonight, The Weeknd is bringing his career full circle with a sold-out performance at the Mod Club, and Uber is your gateway to the action.

Uber Garde Montréal En Mouvement

Avec la manifestation de demain, nous ferons tout ce qui est en notre pouvoir afin que les Montréalais puissent se déplacer.

Uber Keeps Quebecers Moving

With the provincial taxi demonstration planned tomorrow (Tuesday, Aug. 24), Uber will be doing everything possible to help Quebecers get where they need to be!

Uber garde Québec en mouvement

Avec la journée provinciale de mobilisation des taxis prévue demain (25 août), nous ferons tout ce qui est en notre pouvoir pour que les Québecois puissent se déplacer.

Smart Ridesharing Regulations Promote Reliability

This is part three in our series of posts on smart ridesharing regulations in Edmonton. Today, we turn our attention to policies that ensure reliability. We believe cities and their residents should enjoy transportation alternatives that are reliable at all times of day and in all city neighbourhoods.

Thursday’s Lunch, In Honour of Shane Redway

Today on UberEATS, it’s an extra special day — Dirty Bird’s new dish “The Mini Redway” is making it’s debut, created in honour of Shane Redway — a close friend of the Dirty Bird’s team. On August 1, 2015, Shane Redway, an up and coming Toronto artist, tragically passed away in a motor vehicle accident at age 26, leaving behind his two parents and two siblings.

Behind the app: Meet the Montreal Team

Uber’s technology is revolutionizing the way people move around this city, and there’s a dedicated Montreal team behind the app that helps make this a reality each and every day. We joined Uber because we’re passionate about making our city better. We work nearly around the clock to make it happen, and to make it happen quickly. We know things aren’t perfect, but we’re learning and growing to support hundreds of thousands of riders, and more than few thousands drivers across the province.

Given that we’ve called Montreal home for almost 2 years, we thought it was about time we introduced ourselves and showed you the team behind the app. We also wanted to say THANK YOU for your continued support in this beautiful city we call home.


La plateforme technologique Uber révolutionne la façon dont les gens se déplacent en ville. Pour créer cette “magie”, une équipe travaille fort à Montréal pour réaliser l’impossible tous les jours. Nous travaillons d’arrache-pied et rapidement pour y parvenir. Nous avons tous rejoint Uber afin d’améliorer Montréal et la qualité de vie de ses habitants. Nous savons bien que Rome ne s’est pas construite en un jour et nous tâchons d’apprendre au quotidien à vous épauler et vous surprendre encore plus.

Safety-Focused Ridesharing Regulations

As part of our ongoing efforts to discuss smart ridesharing regulation in Edmonton, it is important to outline our commitment to safety, the steps we take everyday, and how cities around the world have regulated these practices for the benefit of riders and drivers.