Bringing You the Goods, Free from Insomnia Cookies

Whether you’re looking for a study break or just trying to cure a late-night cookie craving, Uber and Insomnia Cookies have got you covered.

We’ve teamed up to bring you the ultimate treat: fresh-baked cookies delivered straight to your door, for FREE! Plus, one lucky requestor will win free Insomnia Cookies for a full year. Now that’s what we call a sweet deal.

Starting at 9pm on Tuesday, May 3, request an Insomnia cookie pack on campus directly through the Uber app. Each cookie pack includes two large cookies and some sweet Insomnia swag. Demand will be high and supplies will be limited, so please be patient.

Participating Schools

City Campuses
Baltimore University of Maryland (College Park) | Johns Hopkins University
Birmingham University of Alabama
Charlottesville-Harrisonburg University of Virginia | James Madison University
Columbia University of South Carolina
Eastern North Carolina East Carolina University
Hampton Roads Old Dominion University
Knoxville University of Tennessee
Philadelphia University of Pennsylvania | Drexel University | Temple University
Richmond Virginia Commonwealth University
Roanoke-Blacksburg Virginia Tech
State College Penn State University

How to Participate

  • Open the Uber app on campus on Tuesday, May 3 between 9pm and 12am.
  • Slide to the ‘COOKIES’ option and simply tap “Request Cookies.”
  • A driver will confirm the order, then deliver your cookie pack.
  • There’s no charge, enjoy your free cookies!
  • Share your photos with friends using the hashtag #ubercookiebreak.


New to Uber? Sign up today with the code INSOMNIA16 for up to $20 off your first ride.

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