Breakers to Bay!


At 6am on Sunday May 15th, runners in the 100th annual Bay to Breakers 12k run will be doing their stretches. Starting at 10am, we’ll be hitting the streets with some stretches of our own!

Going the opposite direction (breakers to bay) after your run/walk in your sober/drunken state is going to be difficult, so we want to make it easy on you/your friends by putting you in a limo!

The deal: Between 10am and 4pm we’ll have limos in the Golden Gate Park area available for request. If you’re in that zone when you request a ride, you’ll probably get a stretch! Here’s the kicker: our limos will be stocked with Gatorade, Granola Bars and 50ml bottles of Jack Daniels and Skyy Vodka so you can refuel/party.

Suggestion: Get all your friends together Gator Wranglerand have them pay you to split the cost! Limos hold up to 10 people, so pack ’em in and be their hero as you roll out sipping on Gatorade and Jack Daniels – we call this mix the Gator Wrangler!

Additional awesomeness: SWAG! We’ll be handing out Uber headbands on the corner of Hayes and Laguna during the race. Come get some!

The forecast: Cold temperatures, high winds, rain and heavy Uber demand! We understand it’s going to suck to be outside, so we’re also putting extra cars on the road for you to warm up in.

That’s the deal party people! Limos stocked with goodies, SWAG for the run, extra cars, all-around Uber goodness! Don’t forget to tweet your Bay to Breakers/Uber awesomeness to @Uber_SF!