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Your Dream Job is Arriving Now!

Calling all data gurus and marketing wizards! Uber is growing like crazy and we want to meet the best of New England’s sharp thinkers and creative hustlers – in person!

Worcester, Your FREE Uber is Arriving Now!

For a limited time, uberX is FREE in Worcester! For the rest of this week, Worcester, your fares are going to drop faster than the unpronounced letters in your name! Learn how…

Worcester, Your Uber is Arriving

We’re super pumped to announce that Uber is now available in Worcester! With the push of a button, residents of The <3 of the Commonwealth can now request a reliable and affordable ride.

It’s #ubertyme!

Julian Edelman needs no introduction to a New England football fan. He’s also a familiar face at Uber Boston, as a veteran Uber rider and our rider zero on UberBOAT. We hooked him up with one of our new Uber tank tops, and apparently it was a hit. Now we wanna hook you up!