North Shore… Your Uber is Arriving Now!

[welcome subtitle=”Ray Bourque & Milan Lucic take the first ride!”][/welcome] Whether you love baseball, football, or hockey, in the Greater Boston area there is a champion team for you to root for, all featuring rosters of the world’s greatest athletes. Two such players include Ray Bourque and Milan Lucic, who, in addition to being two […]

Get Ready For Faceoff With Uber + Bruins Hockey!

Time to get ready for the gongshow! The Bruins are back, and we couldn’t be more pumped. Whether you’re ready to watch Bergeron snipe a shot like nobody’s business, or witness Chara break his own record for the hardest slapshot in the game – Uber wants to get you there! Enter the code ‘BOS_BRUINS13’ in your app for $20 off your first ride to watch your favorite NHL team at TD Garden, the rowdiest bar, or your friend’s house!