Catch St. Patrick’s Day Fever At HarpoonFest!

Join us at this year’s Harpoon St. Patrick’s Festival. Forget about the relentless cold and bitter winds and let’s celebrate! There will be tasty food, festive music, and of course, beer! The best part is…no need to worry about drinking and driving! Uber is hooking up new users with 2 free rides.

Get Your Craft Brew On With Uber + Hopsters!

It’s common knowledge that New Englanders love a good craft beer, but how often do you get the chance to brew one yourself? Boston’s first community brewery just opened, and Uber wants to take you there! We’re giving away free rides (up to $20) to new users out to Newton to check out Hopsters and hand-brew your own beer! Hopsters Brew & Board offers a unique experience where guests get to brew, bottle, and take home their own craft beer.