The Weekender: Summer Night Out with ideeli

Uber has partnered with ideeli, a boutique website that curates daily deals on designer fashion and houseware, to help answer your summer fashion questions. To spice things up we have created a special package with ideeli to give one winner and five of their friends a Summer Night Out to remember.

It’s #ubertyme!

Julian Edelman needs no introduction to a New England football fan. He’s also a familiar face at Uber Boston, as a veteran Uber rider and our rider zero on UberBOAT. We hooked him up with one of our new Uber tank tops, and apparently it was a hit. Now we wanna hook you up!

UberSessions: The Novel Ideas

Meet country folk quintet, The Novel Ideas, the latest artists in our UberSessions series, featuring local music from the back of an UberSUV!

UberBOAT meets #UberData

Today the Science Team drops into uncharted territory like tea to the harbor with UberBOAT! The Uber Boston crew made an exciting move last month – from June 4th-15th, curious (and persistent) Bostonians were able to request a water taxi using the Uber app from 20 docks along the Boston Harbor.

Here’s what we learned about Boston, boats, and transportation options from our most recent experiment in moving people around cities.

The Weekender: Beach Yourself

Hit the Beaches with Uber Boston!

MBTA + Uber Boston: A Love Story

New data on late night transportation options in Boston confirms that with more options, the transportation ecosystem works more efficiently – and late night Boston becomes a more accessible, affordable place to be.