How To Be An UberBOSS On President’s Day

Ever wonder what it feels like to be the President? To have big security dudes following your every move? Monday is your chance to feel as baller as Obama by rolling around Boston in your very own Ubercade (Secret Service agents included)!

Uber Boston Gets Romantic

A storm called Nemo came and went, and left Bostonians with mounds of snow in it’s wake. While we can’t help melt the snow, Uber can help melt your loved ones heart this Valentine’s Day with #RomanceOnDemand!

Winter Storm Nemo Pricing Update *updated*

While the Governor’s travel ban has come and past, Nemo has left us with a ton of snow and not a lot of transportation options. At Uber, our goal is to always provide a reliable ride, to do that, we need to convince more driver-partners to dig out their cars and hit the road. That is why, until 3am tonight, we’re implementing 2x surge pricing for Uber Black and SUV.

Uber Boston is hiring!

You read that right, friends. Uber Boston is hiring. Are you up to the challenge? Check out the descriptions and apply online if interested!