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Name: Jessica Roy
Style: Hearty home cooking with sassy modern flair. Bonus: Apprentice Trained Sushi Chef. Chef Jess Roy’s dishes are inspired by her travels abroad with international flavors.
Name: Amanda Velazquez
Style: Comfort food with a modern twist. I love working with strong, fresh flavors. My favorite dishes are the ones that keep you feeling satisfied yet still wanting more. With a background in nutrition, I try to stay conscious of what I put in my food.
Name: Jessica DeNaples
Style: Family dishes elevated without being fussy, showcasing freshness and quality.
Name: Susan Tomasian
Style: I am certainly passionate about the flavors of the Middle East that I grew up eating and cooking. I consider my cooking to be a celebration of simple fresh flavors, although my ingredients may be considered exotic.
Name: Joe Gatto
Style: Chef Joe focuses on from scratch cooking just like he does on his show. He loves to make it like your grandmother would. When you eat Chef Joe’s food you will be transported to that region and taste authentic flavors.
Name: Courtney Beerman
Style: Why save entertaining and enjoying a great meal with friends and family for only special occasions? Enjoy a delicious meal by chef Courtney Raftery of Pearl Plates tonight!
Name: Sarah Ismail
Style: Elegant and refined cuisine. The key to an excellent dish is quality ingredients. This is why I only use locally grown or organic produce as well as prime meats and fresh seafood.
Name: Ed Lui
Style: Flavorful health-oriented meals, specializing in diet restrictions/allergies. I’ll do my best to develop a meal based on your tastes and preferences because that’s what hiring a private chef is all about!
Name: Brad Miller
Style: Rustic but stylistic French cuisine, professional with a whimsical artistic touch. By letting the ingredients be what they are, I use my skilled hands and work my magic to transform them only enough to show their inner beauty, and the peak of their flavor.
Name: Vivek Mukhatyar
Style: I am a scientist by profession who loves to experiment in the kitchen. I missed eating Indian food from home, so I began cooking over the last few years to recreate the flavors, fill the void of homemade food.
Name: Christopher Walker
Style: My cooking style stems from my travels. From the east coast, west coast, to Singapore, Thailand and various parts of Europe I have learned and applied different ingredients and techniques to create meals that all can relate to.
Name: Andrea Morales
Style: Handmade, rustic, seasonal food, made from local ingredients whenever possible. I think that the best way to eat is to be as close to your ingredients as possible.
Name: Erin Miller
Style: My focus is bringing families back to the table, where they can enjoy fresh, locally and sustainably raised foods. I incorporate influences from North Africa, the Mediterranean, and Middle East into my cooking.
Name: Christopher Borges and Jose Ordovas
Style: Our cooking is heavily influenced by science, as we are working towards our Ph.D.’s for our day job. Our food is influenced by all areas of the world, and thus, is American by definition.
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