Back-to-School Driver Appreciation Events

This week, many schools reopen their doors to welcome students back from summer break. Back-to-school is a familiar time for many parents, as they try to balance work, childcare, and their kids’ transition to the classroom.

Heading into the school-year, many parents face a common predicament: whether to sacrifice additional income and stay at home, or to work intense schedules and forgo time with their families. These days, parents with full-time jobs are putting in longer hours and limited by rigid schedules. On the flip side, 16% of households have stay-at-home parents, who cite childcare costs and inflexible job schedules as key factors in their decisions not to work.1

Families need greater flexibility—which is why parents are are looking for new options like driving with Uber. In fact, according to a recent survey, nearly half of Uber driver-partners have children living at home.

More and more, parents are discovering that driving with Uber is a way to contribute to family income and be there for their kids. They can transform a household asset—their car—into an earning opportunity that pays for mortgages, tuitions, and family vacations. And they can do it all on their own time, never missing an important moment with family.

“Uber is perfect for our lifestyle. I go online while my kids are at school and make sure I’m home in time to see them. My husband works during the day, so we come home and can be with the family together instead of one of us always being gone. It’s been a godsend to us.”
– Donna, uberX partner in Chicago

“As a stay-at-home mom, Uber changed my life instantly, you wouldn’t believe it! After just one week I realized, ‘Wow, this is it!’ I am able to drive when it’s most convenient for me and also be home to take care of my son.”
– Lois, uberX partner in Los Angeles

Back-to-School Events

As we prepare for the school season, Uber teams across the country are hosting a series of events to celebrate parents and their kids. Beginning this past weekend, in Miami, Los Angeles, South Bay, and Indianapolis, teams are bringing together parent drivers, their kids, community organizations, and local officials to hear about parents’ experience as drivers with Uber and discuss the importance of these types of earning opportunities in communities nationwide.

At these events, we will celebrate the parents who keep our communities moving, in every way.

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