Frequently Asked Questions

AutoNation and Uber: New Driver Activation Promotional Offer

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is AutoNation?

AutoNation is the nation’s largest automotive retailer with over 300 store locations.  The company sells over 500,000 new and pre-owned recall-free vehicles each year from over 35 manufacturer brands. In addition, AutoNation offers a broad range of – Service, Finance, Insurance and Warranty related options. See for more information.


Who is Uber?

Uber Technologies, Inc. is an American multinational technology company that develops, markets and operates the Uber mobile “app“. The Uber app allows riders to submit a trip request and alerts an Uber driver-partner to the trip request. If the driver-partner chooses to accept the ride, the app helps him or her to navigate to the location of the rider. The Uber app automatically calculates a fare and transfers the rider’s payment to the driver-partner.


What is the Promotional Offer?

AutoNation customers who register and are approved to be new Uber driver-partners between Oct.1 and Dec.31, 2016 will have the opportunity to earn up to $400 by completing 100 trips via the Uber app.

Earned Rewards will be distributed via a reloadable Visa card which also provides a 15% discount off Parts and Service. Below is a breakdown of the payout tiers.


Payout Tier Required Trips on App?  

Earned Rewards

1 1 $25
2 25 or more $50 additional
3 100 or more $325 additional


Is there a timeframe to complete the 100 trips??

Yes, as a new Uber Driver-partner you will have a total of 30 days from the time of clearing the Motor Vehicle Registration (MVR) screening to complete 100 trips via the Uber app. After the 30-day promotional period has expired, the opportunity to earn Rewards also expires.


How will I receive my Earned Rewards  once I reach each payout tier?

Earned Rewards  will be automatically added to your Visa card within seven days of AutoNation receiving notice of driver-partner’s completed trips.


Where can I use my Visa card?

The Visa card can be used at any AutoNation Service or Parts Center across the country. Your Visa card also provides a 15% discount off Parts and Service once activated.


Is there a limit of usage on the 15% off Parts and Service?

AutoNation will not limit a driver on the number of times the Service and Parts discount can be used from the time the driver-partner activates his or her Visa card and until March 31, 2017.


Are there any exclusions on usage of the 15% OFF Parts and Service?

AutoNation will accept the 15% OFF discount on Parts, Accessories, and Recommended Service. Tire sales, collision repairs, and maintenance services are excluded. The 15% OFF Parts and Service discount cannot be combined with any other offers.


How will I receive my Visa Card?

You will receive an email from AutoNation within 2 weeks of AutoNation being notified that you have passed the Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) inspection. The communication will contain a web address for the processing center. You will then be prompted to provide your personal information for fulfillment. Your Visa card will then be shipped to arrive within 1-2 weeks. Mailings are sent to the address provided during the registration process.


Does my Visa card expire?

All promotional Visa cards and earned Rewards associated with this promotion expire on March 31, 2017.


Does the promotional offer replace fares I would otherwise receive as a driver-partner??

No, this promotional offer is an added value on top of your regular fares per trip. Your earnings as a driver-partner with Uber will not be affected.


How do I track my regular earnings?

The fares you make from trips you complete on the Uber app automatically deposit in your bank account every week. You can use the app to track how much you make on every trip. For making the app available to you, Uber deducts a service fee.


Who do I contact with questions?

For questions regarding the promotional offers, please contact AutoNation Partner Support


Phone: (888) 673-9272


For questions regarding your Uber account and earnings, please contact Uber Support


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