NSW Passenger Transport Act 2014 – A First Step

Uber welcomes the approval of the Passenger Transport Act as a first step to improving how the people of New South Wales get around their cities, but we don’t believe that over-regulating taxi apps is the answer to the questions before us. In her comments, the Hon Penny Sharpe, Shadow Minister for Transport, clearly articulated the need for leadership from government in addressing the issue of legislation that supports ride sharing.

“The Minister has made a commitment to try to look at regulation in the area of rideshare. Members may be aware that rideshare is a growing phenomenon across the world. It can be looked at in two ways. Some of our more conservative friends look at it as a way of deregulating the industry. Others look at it as a way of putting it in the collaborative consumption space so that we can better utilise our existing assets and cars on the road to increase carpooling, which will eventually mean fewer cars on the road . . .

. . . We need to acknowledge that some of the ridesharing applications actually work in a way that I would argue are as safe as the current system. That includes knowing the name of the driver, having a credit card linked directly to them with no cash changing hands, being able to track the course of the journey, how much it cost and having a receipt for the trip.

There are questions that need to be resolved when it comes to accreditation of the drivers in the first place. We do not want unacceptable people driving around offering lifts. We want to ensure that every trip is a safe trip and that people have the right accreditation. Jurisdictions across the world are currently working through this—I state again that we are not alone. We need to come to terms with changing technology and the way in which people want to use these services. We must ensure that it is fair, safe and that it works.”

Following acknowledgement from members of each major party in Australia that Uber is here to stay, we look forward to the Government moving forward quickly to remove any uncertainty and present the people of NSW with the world-leading approach to ridesharing that they deserve.

– Legislative Council, 10 Sept 2014

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