uberX Now up to 30% Cheaper than a Taxi

With today’s price cut, most uberX rides will be
up to 30% cheaper than a taxi!

For the past two months, Melbournians have been embracing uberX; a safe, reliable and affordable transport alternative. Wherever you need to go in your city, our ride-sharing technology can help you get a ride with a local driver who has passed rigorous driving history and criminal background checks.

Cities that embrace ride-sharing become easier to get around and potential drunk drivers begin to choose other options when there are convenient, affordable, and readily available alternatives. Low-cost transport can also help reduce the number of cars on the road, and in other cities around the world Uber is a cheaper alternative to owning your own car.

So how have the prices changed?

New uberX pricing Prior uberX pricing
Base fare $2.50 $3.20
Per km $1.30 $1.45
Per min $0.40 $0.40
Minimum fare $6 $6

Remember, you can always request a fare-estimate inside the Uber app. And if you fare split, you might as well be stealing! 🙂




Uber Melbourne are also looking for Brand Ambassadors to share the #UberLove, click here for more details!

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* Trip costs are estimated. Taxi fares includes $2.00 Network Booking Fee and 5% card service fee, and assume 93% of the distance is travelled above 26km/hr, and 44% of trip is billed as waiting time. uberX costs are calculated on the total time and distance, regardless of speed. During times of intense demand fares and booking fees may increase to get more drivers onto the system accepting your requests, but you will always be notified in advance.

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