uberX: Here For You

Uber is here to make Sydney a safer and easier city for you to live in and enjoy.

We enjoy partying in Kings Cross as much as anybody else, but getting home around lockout time is not one of Sydney’s best experiences.

Your Uber ride-sharing community is here to help. Throughout May, your uberX drivers are providing free* rides within our core service area to get you home safe from Kings Cross during weekend lockout hours.

You have a choice:

[h4 class=”” span=””]UBERX[/h4]

  • Request your uberX ride from your phone inside the bar. Spend more time with friends.
  • Get a photo, name, license plate, and phone number so you can safely identify and contact your driver.
  • Share your journey home in real-time with loved ones with an SMS.
  • Bring your best chat! Remember, you and your driver will rate each other’s behaviour at the end of the trip. Poorly rated drivers can be removed from the system promptly.
  • When you are home safe, simply step out of the car. No cash changes hands, ever.

[h4 class=”” span=””]REGULAR OLD TAXI[/h4]

  • Wait on the street, with no option to return to a bar.
  • Hope that there are a few taxis not returning to base for changeover.
  • Wave your arm about until a taxi chooses your fare.
  • Remain anonymous – your taxi driver has no idea who you are.
  • You and your driver trust that the taxi has been properly maintained by an owner who may never ride in the vehicle
  • Know that $9 of a typical $25 fare is kept by the taxi owner and not your driver (Deloitte, Fig 3.1). Plus an additional 10% to CabCharge if you didn’t have cash on hand.
Simply download the Uber app (www.uber.com/app), register an account and swipe left for uberX.

For more details of the insurance and safety in place during each ride-sharing trip, see uber.com/ozridesharing.

For evidence of how Uber’s technology may reduce the rate of taxicab-located crimes by 20%, see uber.com/chicagotaxicrime.

If you’d prefer to travel with a professional transportation provider, you can still choose Uber Black for a luxury hire car experience, or uberTAXI for a regular taxi.



Uber operates in more than 100 cities worldwide.

Questions or feedback? Hit us up on supportsydney@uber.com.

* This is for all uberX ride requests originating from Kings Cross between 01:30 to 03:30 am Friday and Saturday nights during May.  The core service area is displayed here. Journeys must be less than 30 minutes and 10km to qualify. Promotion does not apply to uberTAXI, UberBLACK or UberLUX rides. Given the expected demand, availability may be limited.

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